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Lamborghini Miura P400S – #4680


565) Chassis-Nummer: 4680

Motoren-Nummer: 30566

Auslieferungsdatum: 04.09.1970

Auslieferung an: Carpanelli

Original-Farbe: Rosso Corsa

Interieur: senape

erster Besitzer: Federico Rolando (30.10.1970, bezahlte 7’700’000 Lire, Kennzeichen ROMAG01265)

weitere Besitzer: Sergio Pascolieri (25.07.1972, bezahlte 5’000’000 Lire, Kennzeichen ROMAL16052); Carol Joan Skarbakka (13.07.1973, bezahlte 3’000’000 Lire); Marcello Tozzi (07.10.1977, bezahlte 3’000’000, wurde am 22.10.1977 als gestohlen gemeldet, am 21.04.1978 wieder gefunden, aber mit dem Motor (30400) aus 402) #4161); Marcello D’Atanasio (11.04.1984, bezahlte 20’000’000 Lire); Dima Automobili Srl (2000); Enzo Napoli (2002); stand zum Verkauf bei Girardo & Co. (2016, später: Restauration, Zertifizierung im Polo Storico (2018), als verkauft gemeldet (2020))


Besonderes: bei Girardo & Co. angeboten mit folgendem Text: «The Miura offered here was built by Lamborghini in 1969 and finished in Rosso Corsa, just as it is seen today. The car was first registered in Italy, and quickly fell into the ownership of Mr Marcello Tozzi, who also owned another Miura P400 S. Thanks to the thorough and detailed research carried out during the recent restoration, we know that during the ownership of Mr Tozzi, the identity of the two Miura P400 S’ he owned were exchanged, with this chassis now wearing the identity of chassis 4680.
This stunning Miura remained in its native Italy, being sold to Marcello D’Atanasio on 11th April 1984 for 20 million Lire. In 1978 Mr Lucidi of Lecco bought the car from a dealer in Rome and in 2016 was contacted by the world leading Miura historian, Giorgio Santanbrogio, on our behalf. Mr Lucidi recalled at the time of his purchase the car was painted red, and that the interior was black leather. During this interview Mr Santanbrogio also managed to obtain a colour image of chassis 4680 during Mr Lucidi’s ownership. In January 2000, the car was bought by Dima Automobili Srl who retained it for two years before passing it to a prominent collector in Milan, Enzo Nespoli, before passing through several other Italian owners. We immediately embarked upon a complete and thorough restoration, employing only the finest mechanics possible, all in the Modena and Maranello area, with the project being overseen by famed Lamborghini test driver, and Miura aficionado, Valentino Balboni. During this extensive restoration, the chassis was sent to Marchesi & C S.r.l in Modena. Interestingly, Marchesi & C S.r.l supplied Lamborghini the Miura chassis in period. As part of the thorough restoration process, Marchesi placed chassis 4680 on the Miura jig to reconfirm measurements etc. The engine, gearbox, suspension, steering, brakes and all running gear have been fully rebuilt by leading specialists Orazio and Luca Salvioli of Top Motors, both of which are ex-Lamborghini factory employees. Mr Salvioli was running the Lamborghini service department throughout the Miura and Countach era! Every component was stripped, cleaned, checked and reassembled. All worn items have been replaced with correct new components to ensure complete peace of mind motoring for the next owner. The interior has been retrimmed by another longstanding Lamborghini expert, Bruno Paratelli who trimmed the cars in period, with the electrical system being completely restored by William Gatti. The bodywork has been painted by the world-renowned Miura specialists, Cremonini Classic in Modena. The cost for restoration has totalled nearly €300,000, there simply cannot be a more beautifully presented Miura P400 S available today. Cremonini Classic and Balboni have ensured that every detail is correct to the original Lamborghini specifications. Who is better placed to say what is correct, then the men who were assembling the Miura at Lamborghini in period, now working together again to restore this Lamborghini Miura! Recently, 4680 has been test driven by Valentino Balboni, the man who has done more miles than any other behind the wheel of this, the original supercar. To follow Balboni in the driving seat of any Miura is a special opportunity, but in a car which he has overseen the restoration of with the mechanics who built these fabulous cars in period, now that is an opportunity not to be missed!»

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