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Lamborghini Miura P400 – #3069


42) Chassis-Nummer: 3069

Motoren-Nummer: 1211 (heute anscheinend: 30497 aus 505) #4494)

Auslieferungsdatum: 18.07.1967

Auslieferung an: Foitek, Schweiz

Original-Farbe: Giallo

Interieur: Bleu

erster Besitzer: Spring? (bei Foitek sind noch alle Verkaufsunterlagen vorhanden, wir werden nachfragen)

weitere Besitzer: 1969 nach Kalifornien exportiert; 2005 in Florida restauriert; stand 2016 in Düsseldorf zum Verkauf für 1’200’000 Euro; stand 2017 bei Jan B. Lühn zum Verkauf mit folgender Beschreibung: «This Miura, chassis number 3069, was delivered new to Zurich-based Lamborghini dealer Foitek in July 1967. It was sent to sunny California in 1969 and remained there until being transported to Florida in 2005 for a complete nut and bolt rotisserie restoration at the workshop of the marque experts of Ultimate Motor Works in Orlando. The work was completed in February of 2010. The car was stripped to bare metal and every part of the car received individual attention from the restoration experts. From the paint and the body to the interior, suspension, wiring and brakes, everything was restored to concours level. The car was painted red earlier in his history, it was returned to its factory correct yellow. There was no need to restore the blue interior, as it was in such original and excellent condition. Even Lamborghini’s retired Chief Test Driver and factory historian, Valentino Balboni, was involved in the process, inspecting it on several occasions throughout its restoration, and on the first visit, remarked to the owner at that time: ‚‘This must be one of the first 20 cars we ever made.” The visible clues for this observation were that certain bracing points on the chassis were changed very early in the Miura’s developed. This Mirua did not have those changes. After the restauration Valentino Balboni inspected the car once more, confirming that every little detail – down to the hoses and bolts – was factory correct! The engine in the car was formerly in chassis #4494 and, as such, is in fact a desirable P400S unit – a common upgrade in its days. The ‚S‘ variant of the Miura was introduced in 1968 with the ‚S‘ representing spinto,‘ or ‚tuned.‘ The car is owned by a collector for almost 3 years and is now for sale. A truly unique opportunity to purchase a highly eligible and very rare piece of sports car history in concours condition.» Anscheinend: verkauft.

Auktionen: RM Sotheby’s, Monterey 2005, verkauft für 110’000 Dollar (Bild oben); RM Sotheby’s, Amelia Island 2010, verkauft für 374’000 Dollar (Bilder unten).

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