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Iso Grifo A3/C – #B-0215

Bizzarrini – die Sammlung

Chassis-Number: #B-0215

Motoren-Nummer*: #529 F10075

Typ*: Strada (heute: Corsa)

Heckfenster*: konventionell

Armaturenbrett*: Serie 1

Hinterachse*: De Dion

Vergaser*: Holley

Karosserie*: Avoninal genietet, Carrozzeria Sports Cars (Piero Drogo)

Original-Farbe*: Rot

Original-Interieur*: Schwarz

zum ersten Mal erwähnt*: November 1964

ausgeliefert*: bestellt von Derek Wharton

erster Besitzer*: (siehe oben)

weitere Besitzer/Besonderheiten*:
es soll ein Brief existieren: Umbau auf Rechtslenker

1965/02/10: Carrozzeria Sports Cars an Bizzarrini: Fahrzeug gestern ausgeliefert
1965/03/02: Mehrwert-Steuer bezahlt
1965/06/12: Oulton Park, überhitzt, ausgefallen.
1965/07/17: Leinster Trophy, Dunboyne/Irland, Fahrer: Derek Wharton.
Gordon Unsworth, Derby
John Lowndes
John Bulmer
1973: Steve Worbey
2000: Flavien Marçais
2000: Nicholas Wrigley
2001: «prepared» von Ian Nuthall, Nottingham
2010: Alex Bell, «prepared» von Steve Stanton, Stanton Motorsports, Membury

2015: stand bei Peter Bradfield, London, zum Verkauf. Preis: 1’400’000 Pfund. Mit folgender Beschreibung: «Chassis B0215 is the only right-hand drive A3/C with period competition history and a riveted aluminium body by Drogo. This magnificent car is powered by a Pete Knight 5.3L Chevrolet engine fitted with a Holley and currently producing 520bhp on the dyno and a top speed of circa 176mph. Beautifully prepared by Stanton Motorsports for an owner with a cavalier disregard for expense the car specs include De Dion rear suspension, BPA LSD, correct Dunlop brakes and a full leather interior. The car is offered with HTP & FIA papers and with a significant history file. It is road registered and has an additional engine and some running spares. This well-known car has been a regular entrant at all the most prestigious events including Le Mans & Spa. It makes a noise like the wrath of God and your mother is not going to like it».

Stand im Januar 2020 noch bei www.fiskens.com zum Verkauf, unter folgender Beschreibung: «Following his heated departure from Ferrari in 1961, Giotto Bizzarrini who aided in the design and development of the Ferrari 250 series, including the fabled GTO, was hired by Renzo Rivolta to develop a new GT car. However, Bizzarrini’s aspirations were to create a competitive race car. The Iso Grifo A3/C would be the fruits of his labour – a powerful Chevrolet V8, sleek aerodynamics and near perfect weight distribution combined creating a competitive entrant for both the Nürburgring and at Le Mans. Produced in 1964 Chassis B-0215 (D) – the (D) denoting right hand drive, is the example offered. It is one of the original riveted aluminium cars built by Drogo and the records declare that 0215 was red with a black interior. More unique still, is that 0215 is the only right hand drive riveted aluminium example with a period competition history. Upon delivery to the first owner in 1965 – Derek Wharton (UK) 0215 was entered into the 1965 Autosport GT Championship at Oulton Park. Then he would compete in the Leinster Trophy at Dunboyne in Ireland later that year. Beautifully prepared with no expense spared in it’s current ownership, the Iso Grifo A3/C before you is a fiercely competitive and meticulously maintained example eligible for some of the world’s most esteemed events including the Goodwood TT, Le Mans Classic, Tour Auto, Spa Six hours and many more!» Ist aber unterdessen (Februar 2020): SOLD.

*gemäss: Jack Koobs de Hartog, Bizzarrini – Facts and Figures, 2017

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