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1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7

9113601399 (bezeichnet als «Lightweight»): M471*.

Motor-Nr.: 6631374, Getriebe-Nr: 7831375.

Produktionsdatum: Mai 1973.

Originalfarbe*: 6262 Hellgelb

Innenausstattung*: Code 11, Kunstleder Schwarz

Zusätzliche Ausstattungen: 258 Kopfstützen links/rechts (130.00); 489 Dreipunkt-Sicherheitsgurten beidseitig (135.00)

Erstauslieferung: 114 Glöckler Frankfurt, Deutschland

Erstbesitzer: –

Weitere Besitzer: kommt am 14. Mai 2022 bei RM Sotheby’s in Monaco zur Versteigerung, noch kein Schätzpreis, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «The current and sole owner of this exceptional example claims to have read contemporary road tests when the model was new, and was struck by its instant appeal. Though the long-term owner initially struggled to source a car easily through an importer in their domestic Italy, they travelled to Germany to take a Porsche from its homeland. The dealership Auto-Dunker GmbH, based out of Aschaffenburg, near Frankfurt, were able to oblige and so the car offered for sale here was ordered in April 1973. The options list extended to “M471” (Lightweight specification), with “M458”—a headrest for the front seats. On an additional document from the dealer, the original order also included “M489” for seatbelts, “M462” for Carrera livery applied on the side of the car, and “M220” for limited-slip differential. The 911 Carrera 2.7 RS Lightweight left the factory finished—as it is today—in Light Yellow over a black interior. The original German pflegepass—or service book—is first dated 12 July 1973 and is included as part of the sale, along with the original dealer invoice and sales documents. Furthermore, an air compressor, a spare wheel and tire, tools, and an extra set of wheels are present with the car. Over the long years of sole ownership, the owner personalised the Porsche with items such as the black finish on the exterior mirror to replace the chrome alternative, and on a more practical level, the two rubber straps that lock the rear engine lid were deteriorating regularly due to the heat of the engine, so they have been replaced by the commonly found “M472” lock. Remarkably well preserved and thought to be highly original—and cherished by a single owner from new—this rare 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Lightweight with matching-numbers chassis, engine and transmission is an exceptional find for any Porsche enthusiast.»

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