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Two Monteverdi in Gstaad

Auction by Bonhams

The assessment of the market situation for Monteverdi is: difficult. Again and again, one has the feeling that prices will go up, massively – and then the demand is smaller than expected, the prices are lower than the hopes. If one looks at the estimated prices of the two Monteverdi offered by Bonhams in Gstaad, however, one is astonished.

Lot no. 128, a 74 Monteverdi 375/4 (above), is estimated at 80’000 to 140’000 Swiss francs, lot no. 134, a 69 Monteverdi 375S Coupé, at only 70’000 to 110’000 Swiss francs. Well, there are two problems with both vehicles: they do not have the right documents, so there is no vehicle registration – and they both still have to be cleared through customs. Which increases the hammer price by about 50 percent (we explained the problem already with a Lamborghini Espada).

But the 375S in particular is – perhaps? – an important vehicle in the Monteverdi story. The car with chassis number 1003 and a body by Frua is said to have been exhibited at the 1969 Geneva Salon, still yellow at the time. The Monteverdi came to the USA as early as June 1969, and is also said to have been at the 13th New York International Auto Show. After that, the story gets a bit wild, although Jay Leno is also said to have been one of the owners, between 2006 and 2008.

Also important: Both vehicles, which were brought in from the Middle East, need “re-commissioning before returning to the road”. That means: a lot of maintenance. Photos: Bonhams.

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