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Ferrari 250 GTO – #3909GT

Object of contention

Chassis number: 3909GT

Engine number: 3909GT

Production date: 10.09.1962

Original colour: Grigio Metallizzato

Special features: (with this car the dispute between Ferrari and the Scuderia Serenissima escalated. Berney, who was about to become a Ferrari driver, bought the car with money from Count Volpi. What Enzo Ferrari did not like at all – and Berney fell into disgrace because of that).

delivered to: Edgar Berney

first owner: Edgar Berney/Scuderia Filipinetti (Switzerland, registration number GE 2675).

further owners:

xx/1963: Claude Bourillot (France)

xx/1966: André Aknin (France, registration number 555 KN 21)

xx/1967: Gaetan Tortora (Aix-en-Provence, France)

xx/1971: Luigi Chinetti (Greenwich, USA)

xx/1971: Anthony Bamford (Oakamoor, England)

xx/1972: Alain de Cadenet (England)

xx/1972: Edward & John Harrison (England, registration number TCH 101)

11/1989: Takeo Kato (Japan, paid 10 million dollars)

02/1994: John Collins (Talacrest, Egham, England; in exchange for Ferrari 250 GT SWB plus cash, probably a total of 3 million dollars)

xx/1994: David Morrison (England; in exchange for Ferrari 330 LMB (?) olus cash, probably a total of 2.5 million pounds)

01/1998: Cavallino Holdings (Bellevue, USA; paid about 4.5 million pounds)

12/2000: John Mozart (Palo Alto, USA, probably current owner).

Most important races:

15-23/09/1962: Tour de France, Edgar Berney/Jean Gretener, #158, DNF

21/10/1962: 1000 kilometres Paris (Montlhery), Edgar Berney/J.M. Bordeu, #14, DNF

30/03/1963: Journée Eaux Mortes, Heinz Schiller, 1st place class

12/05/1963: 500 kilometres Spa, Jo Siffert/Herbert Müller, #41, 3rd place OA/3rd place class

19/05/1963: 1000 kilometres Nürburgring, Heini Walter/Herbert Müller, #54, DNF

25/08/1963: Ollon-Villars, Edgar Berney, #109, 10th place OA/2nd place class

xx/xx/1963: Hill climb Verbois, Jean-Jacques Thuner, #69, 1st place class

14-22/09/1963: Tour de France, Edgar Berney/Jean Gretener, #166, DNF

13/10/1963: Coppa Amag (Monza), Charles Müller, 3rd place OA

26/04/1964: Targa Florio, Claude Bourillot/Prince Michael of Bourbon-Parma, #126, 10th place OA/3rd place class

09/05/1965: Targa Florio, Claude Bourillot/Prince Michael of Bourbon-Parma, #102, accident

A fine story on the as well as a listing of all Ferrari 250 GTO can be found: here.

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  1. theo vanleeuw theo vanleeuw

    very strange : the number #6 of the car

    it seems to be a picture from 1963 Spa 500km where the car is listed to have had number #41

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