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RUF Automobile RCT

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Die RCT (RUF Carrera Turbo) wurden 1992 auf Basis des 964er-Modells eingeführt. Sie waren quasi das Nebenprodukt des wilderen und viel teureren BTR 3.8, erhielten einen auf 3,6 Liter Hubraum sowie mit einem Turbo aufgeblasenen Motor mit 370 PS und 536 Nm maximalem Drehmoment. Dazu kam noch ein 6-Gang-Getriebe. Ansonsten waren die RCT, die es in den unterschiedlichsten Formen bis in die 2020er-Jahre zu kaufen gab, optisch angenehm zurückhaltend, was sie zu einem Bestseller im RUF-Programm machte. Mehr Infos zu den vielfältigen Formen finden sich auch in den Texten zu den einzelnen Fahrzeugen.

Chassis-Nummer: WP0ZZZ96ZNS400165 (1993)

Auktion: RM Sotheby’s, London 2018, Schätzpreis 170’000 bis 190’000 Pfund, nicht verkauft, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «While no RUF RCT is ‘ordinary’, the example offered here has an especially unique history. As a 911, it started life as a right-hand-drive 1993 Carrera 2 coupé finished in a subtle Midnight Blue Pearl exterior over grey leather with factory-installed air conditioning, Blaupunkt hi-fi audio and an electric sunroof. It was delivered new to Cheswick Garage in July of 1993, but was quickly repatriated to RUF’s manufacturing facility to be fitted with the RCT engine and single turbocharger, rated at 370 BHP (while the 964 Turbo offered 360 bhp), RUF six-speed manual transmission, bespoke Speedline alloy wheels, tuned suspension, RUF exhaust, an aerodynamic package with aerodynamic aids for the windshield pillar, lift-reducing front spoiler and a flamboyant rear wing that comprised the RCT package. Though privately owned, the car was built up to be the RUF Automobile GB Ltd’s first demonstrator. The right-hand-drive RUF RCT made its debut at the 1994 Porsche Meet in Donnington and was featured shortly thereafter in the September/October 1994 issue of 911 & Porsche World. In that issue, the author noted that the car was better suited to British back roads than Porsche’s own Carrera RS. Since then, it has covered just 60,000 miles. At about 51,000 miles, the RUF RCT was treated to an engine rebuild in 2000 by Porsche specialists GT One Ltd.».

Chassis-Nummer: W09TB0362RPR06005 (1994)

Auktion: Broad Arrow, Amelia Island 2024, nicht verkauft, aber danach angeboten für 1’275’000 Dollar. Ein interessantes Fahrzeug: «According to its RUF Zertifikat, this example is the only RCT built from a 964-generation Carrera RS, in this case a “Leichtbauversion” sport. Porsche enthusiasts know that the unibody of the Carrera RS was completely seam-welded for additional stiffness and delivered without undercoating to reduce weight. Looking to make that perfect first impression, RUF didn’t skimp on their press vehicle specification. Based on the “Leichtbau” sport version Carrera RS it featured a front aluminum hood, thin glass rear and side windows, reduced insulation, and a lighter wiring harness. Weight was also trimmed by fitting lightweight door panels, manual mirrors, roll-up windows, and thinner carpeting. It was finished in Polar Silver, a new silver with a hint of blue introduced by Porsche in the early 1990s, with Black interior with Recaro Pole Position seats. RUF made the interior their own with special door sill plates, their classic three-spoke steering wheel, six-speed gear lever, and of course, their special gauges in vintage 356 green with raised ranges. Owned internally by RUF Automobile GmbH, not only was this RCT shown and reviewed in many period magazine articles, but it was also featured in RUF’s period RCT brochure. According to a digital copy of the car’s German Fahrzeugbrief (Vehicle registration document) RUF’s ownership lasted from the car’s construction in 1993 until September 1994 whereby it entered private ownership for the first time. It’s first owner would be a long-term caretaker located in Heinsberg, Germany. Service book stamps during their 23-year ownership show the owner relied on RUF’s natural expertise of their own vehicles, with a dozen returns to Pfaffenhausen for scheduled annual maintenance over the years. Again, according to the Fahrzeugbrief, the first owner parted ways with this RCT in March 2017 with the service book recording a final European annual service and vehicle maintenance at Porsche Zentrum Dusseldorf on 18 March 2021 at 40,111 kilometers or approximately 24,924 miles. In 2021 this well-kept RUF RCT was imported to North America and today appears very much as it did in numerous publications over 30 years ago. Those versed in the specifics of this particular car may note that the original grey tri-color Recaro Pole Position seat inserts have been traded for a tartan plaid, quite reminiscent of those used on Ferry Porsche’s personal Sonderwunsch Oak Green Metallic 1975 911 Turbo».

Später kam dann noch der RCT EVO, 3,8 Liter Hubraum, 425 PS, 570 Nm.

Chassis-Nummer: WP0AA2966MS480141

Auktion: RM Sotheby’s, Monaco 2018, Schätzpreis 180’000 bis 220’000 Euro, nicht verkauft, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «The distinctive yellow RUF RCT Evo offered here comes from a private Porsche collection. The current owner purchased the car three years ago from a Porsche dealership in Germany as a standard 964 Turbo specifically with the intention of upgrading it to RCT Evo specifications. Upon arrival at RUF, it was treated to the full package, including a six-speed manual transmission in place of the original five-speed, the upgraded 3.6-litre flat-six producing 425PS, RUF instruments and fully adjustable suspension. RUF’s signature five-spoke wheels and rear spoiler help it stand out even further, and it is supplied with a RUF certificate. Its RUF odometer shows a mere 3,000 km since its 2015 conversion and appears in excellent condition, commensurate with its limited use. Inside, it features leather and Alcantara upholstery lightweight interior and the single-DIN Porsche Classic navigation system».

Es gibt da eine zwar noch unvollständige, aber ständig wachsende Übersicht zu den RUF Automobilen. Und das Archiv.

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