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Bugatti Chiron – die Sammlung

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Ja, wir sind beeindruckt vom Bugatti Chiron, wir hatten dieser Bewunderung nach einer Ausfahrt ja schon Ausdruck verliehen, nachzulesen hier. Und weil dieser Tage offiziell die letzten Modelle aus den heiligen Hallen rollen, beginnen wir doch auch von diesen Franzosen noch eine Sammlung. In 20 Jahren dann werden Sie uns dankbar sein, vielleicht. Oder dann halt nicht.

Chassis-Nummer: VF9SP3V30HM795026 (2017)

Auktion: RM Sotheby’s, Paris 2024, nicht verkauft, wird aber für 2’950’000 Euro angeboten, dies mit folgendem Text: «Ordered in April 2016, this spectacular hypercar was one of the first three examples to be delivered, each of which left the Molsheim atelier at the same time. It shares its 1,479-horsepower alloy 8-litre quad-turbocharged W-16 engine with its stablemates, but boasts a degree of personalisation rarely seen. The car was finished in Nocturne over Argent Metallic, with a matching Argent Metallic signature line, engine cover, and horseshoe grille—one of just three cars to feature such a front-end treatment. The interior was sumptuously finished in Beluga Black leather with Italian Red quilting to the seats and matching seatbelts. Comfort seats added €25,000 to the price tag, while red brake callipers cost an additional €3,000. Its name—meaning “Silver Sea”—was both etched into the cars dedication plate and stitched into each headrest—an option costing €4,500. After two years of ownership, the Chiron was subject to a suite of improvements carried out by the factory. In February 2019, a Performance Package was commissioned that included the upgraded suspension setup from the Chiron Sport, polished aluminium “Course” wheels, and carbon windscreen wipers; an accompanying invoice for almost €125,000 is available to view on file. In May of that year visual improvements were also made, with a new horseshoe grille and side meshes in Mirror Shine, and an aluminium-effect wrap to the front of the car, the sum of which was €62,250. In October 2019, the car was treated to four new tyres at a cost of €16,000 while most recently, the Chiron returned to the Molsheim factory for a routine service on 22 July 2022, with an accompanying invoice for €8,124.65. Today, this significant hypercar is still in the care of its first and only owner, and at the time of cataloguing had covered just 4,758 kilometres».

Chassis-Nummer: VF9SP3V3XJM795069 (2018)

Auktion: RM Sotheby’s, New York 2017, verkauft für 3’772’500 Dollar, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «The Chiron on offer is the first U.S.-specification example ordered and is presented here unregistered and in as-new condition. It is ready and waiting to be taken to the limit and driven as intended. Since completion, it has only been driven 250 miles, which consist entirely of factory test miles to ensure that every aspect of the car was in perfect order prior to delivery. Finished in black with red highlights inside and out, as well as red brake calipers, this is a truly sinister-looking Chiron».

Chassis-Nummer: VF9SP3V38JM795071 (2017)

Auktion: RM Sotheby’s, Miami 2024, Schätzpreis 3’200’000 bis 3’800’000 Dollar. 1489 Meilen.

Chassis-Nummer: VF9SP3V32LM795294 (2020)

Auktion: Bonhams, Bonmont 2023, verkauft. Neupreis: 2’602’000 Euro.

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+

Chassis-Nummer: VF9SW3V32NM795009 (2022)

Auktion: Bonhams, Scottsdale 2024, Schätzpreis 5’000’000 bis 5’500’000 Dollar. 256 Meilen

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport (Fahrbericht hier):

Chassis-Nummer: VF9SC3V35NM795031 (2022)

Auktion: Broad Arrow, Amelia Island 2024, Schätzpreis 4’000’000 bis 5’000’000 Dollar, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «One of just 60 Chiron Pur Sports constructed, this particular chassis was configured with the desirable Pur Sport Exterior and Interior packages, as well as the distinctive Pur Sport “Exterior Split” option; the latter evoking the magnificent two-tone, coach-built Type 55 and 57s of the 1930s. Further augmented by contrasting brake calipers, Italian Red seat belts and a leather steering wheel, the car’s option package alone amounted to some $392,400. Delivered to the consignor via Bugatti St. Louis of Chesterfield, Missouri 2022, it has remained in his custody since and has been fastidiously stored, occasionally used, and recently exhibited in the “Hypercars: The Allure of the Extreme” exhibition at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Showing a recorded odometer reading of just 393 miles at the time of cataloging, the car remains in practically “factory fresh” condition and is accompanied by its original factory documentation, handbooks and factory accessories. Additionally, the car has just returned from a service at Bugatti St. Louis ahead of sale».

Die Einzelstücke:

Bugatti Chiron Profilée (2022)

Chassis-Nummer: VF9NC3V36NM795004

Auktion: RM Sotheby’s, Paris 2023, verkauft für 9’792’500 Euro. Dazu haben wir auch einen Kommentar. Und selbstverständlich alle Bilder.

Die Veyron gibt es: hier. Der Type 57 hier, den EB110 hier – und dann ist da noch das Archiv. Und die Sammlungen.

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