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Ferrari 250 GTO – #3767GT

Long distance

Chassis number: 3767GT

Engine number: 3767GT

Production date: 26.07.1962

Original colour: BP Green

Special features:

delivered to: David Piper (registration number MO 79640)

first owner: David Piper

further owners:

03/1963: Ed Cantrell (Los Angeles, Angels Aviation Racing Team, blue with white stripes)

xx/1964: Thomas T. Fleming (USA)

xx: Gordon Tatum (Kensington, USA)

xx: Brian Classics (England)

xx: C. Potts (England)

xx: Alain de Cadenet (England)

xx/1974: Anthony Bamford (Oakamoor, England, front rebuilt (1975), probably current owner).

most important races:

06/08/62: Peco Trophy, Brands Hatch, David Piper, #77, 6th place

18/06/62: Tourist Trophy, Goodwood, David Piper, #8, 5th place OA/5th place class

15-23/09/62: Tour de France, David Piper/Dan Margulies, #153, 4th place OA/4th place class

03/11/62: 9 Hours of Kyalami, David Piper/Johnstone, #5, 1st place

02/12/62: Angola GP, Luanda, David Piper, #8, 1st place

23/03/63: 12 Hours of Sebring, David Piper/Ed Cantrell, #29, 14th place OA/5th place class

19/05/63: 1000 kilometres Nürburgring, David Piper/Ed Cantrell, #47, 6th place OA/3rd place class

21/03/64: 12 Hours of Sebring, Ed Cantrell/Harry Heuer/Don Yenko, #32, 28th place OA/4th place class

Special: (see above)

You can find more beautiful classics in our archives. The whole 250 GTO story: here (just in German, by now).

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