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Ferrari 250 GTO – #3869GT

Blue nose

Chassis number: 3869GT

Engine number: 3869GT

Production date: 08.10.1962

Original colour: Red, blue front

Special features: –

delivered to: Maranello Concessionaires, London (exhibition car London Motor Show 1962)

first owner: Col. Ronnie Hoare

further owners:

xx/1963: Ron Fry (England, registration number TTK 5)

12/1964: Carl Stewart Richardson (England, registration number OGL 967)

xx/1965: David Clarke (Leichestershire, England, registration number 5RU)

03/1979: Albert Obrist (Switzerland)

07/1989: Giorgio Perfetti (Switzerland, probably current owner).

most important races:

#3869GT was raced mainly in English club races from 1962 to 1965.

A fine story on the as well as a listing of all Ferrari 250 GTO can be found: here.

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