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Ferrari F40 – The collection

Keeping an overview

Why exactly are we doing this to ourselves? There are far too many, probably 1315, and almost all of them are red anyway (one is white, two are black, less than 10 are yellow). And yet, somehow it has to be, the F40 was something like the last honest supercar, a beast, nasty. And somehow: (what’s the word in english?). That’s why. (Besides, we think the prices for the F40 will go through the roof, so it’s always good to keep a bit of track).

Chassis number: 74049 (this is probably a prototype)

Auction: RM Sotheby’s, Maranello 2007, estimate 500’000 to 600’000 Euro, not sold.

Chassisnummer: 77676

Offered 2022 by RM Sotheby’s, Private Sales, with the following text: «The example offered here is among the earliest built, being the 27th F40 produced by chassis sequence. Delivered new to Italy, according to this car’s original service book, it was purchased by Carlo Sama of Ravenna from Motor S.p.a., the authorised Ferrari dealer in Modena, just a few miles from the factory gates. The car would return to Motor S.p.a for its first service in October 1988 and would later be serviced at Michelotto, in Padova, at 7,900 kilometres in May 1990. Remaining in its native Italy for nearly a decade, the F40 was sold to the Netherlands in 1997 and was re-registered there, where it has lived since and spent most of its time in the hands of a single owner. The car was granted Ferrari Classiche certification, confirming that it retains its original chassis, bodywork, engine, and gearbox. The F40 was last serviced by Kroymans Ferrari, the official Ferrari dealership in the Netherlands, in March 2021 when the odometer displayed 29,970 kilometres, with the fuel tanks having been last replaced in November 2020. In June 2021, the front brake discs and pads were replaced, and the original seats were reupholstered. In September 2022, Kroymans Ferrari performed an inspection on the car, confirming its exceptional condition. Its report stated: “that the car is in very nice condition and well mantianed…the car is accident-free and that we believed the car is still in its original paint. (Only the front bonnet is inconclusive)”.»

Chassis number: 79883

Auction: RM Sotheby’s, Maranello 2008, sold for 418’000 Euro.

Chassis number: 80782

And we have a little story about this car, here.

VIN: ZFFGJ34B000084089

Engine number: 20860

Auction: Broad Arrow, Monterey 2022, estimate 1’950’000 to 2’150’000 Dollar, offerend with the following text: «According to original sales documentation in the voluminous history file this 1990 F40 was originally ordered via Maranello Concessionaires Ltd. Thorpe, UK on 9 June 1988 with an estimated delivery date of spring 1989. After a year’s delay, J.S. Hurst accepted delivery of his new F40 on 5 April 1990 at the Ferrari factory in Maranello as recorded in the original stamped service book. Mr. Hurst owned the car for over 15 years in both London and while traveling across the continent adding 28,661 kilometers to the odometer. While under Hurst’s care it received multiple services with a 20,000 km service in 2001 and a cam belt service approximately a year before selling to a short-term owner Stephan Eriksson also based in England. The second owner held the car less than a year before Mr. Peter Reid acquired it on 12 August 2005. Mr. Reid was quite invested in his new purchase, approving another cam belt service and a rebuild of both turbos the day after purchase with fuel tank replacement a year later. While at Joe Macari for service work in 2008 the car was inspected for Ferrari Classiche Certification. It was duly granted with the Classiche binder included with the car. In preparation for sale in 2013, this F40 was sent back to Joe Macari for a full inspection, cam belt replacement, and an annual service among other items. Between 2013 and 2022 the car passed through two additional stewards each taking care to address issues as they appeared and keeping current with service work. In fact, this F40 was treated to four annual services between 2018 and 2021 before being imported into the USA by the consignor.»

Chassis-Nummer: ZFFGJ34B000084362

Motoren-Nummer: 21107

Sold by Girardo & Co., offered with the following text: «With some 1300 F40s built between 1987 and 1992, finding an example which stands head and shoulders above the scarlet sea of others is no mean feat. The excellent credentials of this car – chassis number ZFFGJ34B000084362 – certainly left us feeling as though we’d struck gold. A non-cat non-adjust example from 1990, it’s covered a scant 12,500km, which is verified by the wealth of accompanying service documentation. Sold new to Portugal via Viauto Automoveis LDA in Porto, the car has remained in the very same town ever since, changing hands only once. What’s more, this F40 is Ferrari Classiche certified, confirming all its numbers are matching. We also noted the correct factory markings on the body and the suspension at all four corners, the original user manuals and the factory tool kit. Ferrari F40s have always been a rare sight in Portugal – just two were delivered to the Iberian Peninsula, which goes some way to explain why this beautiful example was displayed in the Museo do Caramulo between 2017 and 2021. Suitably impressed by this Ferrari’s condition, originality and provenance, we acquired the car in September of 2021 with a view to presenting it for sale. Prior to its presentation, we contacted a number of our clients who we believed would be great candidates for such an F40. Sure enough, a client voiced an interest and following an inspection in Italy, which is where we transported the car, a sale was agreed.»

Chassis-Number: ZFFGJ34B000085308

Engine-Number: 22453

Auction: RM Sotheby’s, Paris 2023, estimate 2’100’000 to 2’500’000 Euro, offered with the following text: «Chassis 85308 was delivered on 30 May 1990 by Autexpo Egna Ora as a “cat, non-adjust” example, as noted by a copy of the warranty book. Delivered in the usual Rosso Corsa over Vigogna cloth interior, this F40 went to its first owner, Massimo Zanetti of Treviso via New Car di Giudo Zara & C. S.a.s. It was serviced by Italauto Kees van Stokkum of Holland on 15 August 2000 when its mileage was noted as 4,072 kilometres. On 19 December 2000 it was registered in the Netherlands; prior to the current ownership, a repair was carried out to the body panel beneath the passenger side rear quarter window, along with the offside rear corner. Importantly, the body is noted as having its original panels in the accompanying Ferrari Classiche certification and during a recent inspection the matching body numbers were found on the front and rear clams, and the doors. In June 2014 this F40 was purchased by the consigning owner through the official Ferrari dealer, Kroymans».

Chassis-Number: ZFFMN34A2L0085596

Engine number: 22771

Gearbox number: 137

Up for auction at RM Sotheby’s, Miami 2022, no estimate yet. Offered with the following text: «This exquisite example of the legendary F40 claims important ownership provenance, Ferrari Classiche certification, and minimal driving use during a life of fastidious care. According to the research of marque expert Marcel Massini, chassis number 85596 is the 18th of 213 examples specified for the United States. Completed in June 1990, the F40 was distributed to Grand Prix Motors of Seattle, Washington, and in August it was sold to one of the world’s best-known and most successful businessmen and philanthropists, Paul Allen (as confirmed by handwritten entries in the car’s original warranty booklet). Hardly requiring an introduction, Mr. Allen was the co-founder of software giant Microsoft, and is also well known for his ownership of sports franchises, including at various times the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks and the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers. The F40 was delivered to him with one of the model’s most desirable options, the exquisitely upholstered leather fitted luggage made by Schedoni. Mr. Allen retained possession of the fine Ferrari for 13 years, during which time the car accrued very little mileage, reportedly displaying just 1,600 miles on the odometer when it was offered in July 2003. Choosing to upgrade to Maranello’s latest hypercar, the Enzo, Mr. Allen sold this F40 to Michael Warn of Oregon, as reflected by a title copy on file dated October 2003. In June 2007 the Ferrari was acquired by a well-known Italian supercar dealer in Laguna Niguel, California, and he had the car serviced by a marque dealership, including attention to the clutch and air conditioner. The opportunity was further taken to certify the car with a Ferrari Classiche Red Book, which attests to the continued presence of all the major matching-numbers mechanical equipment. Sold in March 2008 to an enthusiast residing in Asheville, North Carolina, the F40 again changed hands 19 months later when it was purchased by a collector in Darien, Connecticut. In October 2011 the car passed to a Florida-based owner before being acquired by the consignor in 2019. Currently displaying just 2,736 miles, this incredibly original F40 is believed to feature all of the factory-applied paintwork, and continues to retain all of its matching-numbers mechanical equipment, just as it was certified by Ferrari Classiche 14 years ago. The breathtaking berlinetta is well documented with the Massini history, warranty booklet, prior titles, bills of sale, and a service invoice; and it is accompanied by owner’s manuals in the proper pouch, tools, and the Schedoni fitted luggage.»

Chassis number: 87031

Auction: Mecum, Monterey 2022, no estimate yet.

Chassis number: 87041

Auction: RM Sotheby’s, Monterey 2008, sold for 753’500 Dollar; Gooding & Co., Pebble Beach 2022, estimate 2’750’000 bis 3’250’000 Dollar, offered with the following text (pictures beyond): «Completed on October 30, 1990, this F40, chassis 87041, is the 77th of just 213 examples built for the US market. According to factory records, this car was destined for Ronald Budworth of Vancouver, British Columbia, but it is not known if he ever took delivery of the car. In 1993, this car was retailed through authorized dealer Walnut Creek Ferrari and sold to its first known owner, Ferrari collector Bob Scholefield of Ventura, California. Mr. Scholefield kept the car for the next 14 years, drove it fewer than 500 miles, and then sold it to Hawaii-based developer David E. Walters. During his ownership, Mr. Walters drove the F40 sparingly, and kept it in his Burbank, California garage alongside other notable Ferraris, including an F50, Daytona Spider, and 500 Superfast. In August 2008, the low-mileage F40 was sold at auction to lottery winner Steven M. White for what was then a world-record price. Mr. White had his F40 serviced by Ferrari of Tampa Bay, Florida, and certified by Ferrari Classiche in 2011, with the accompanying Red Book confirming that 87041 retains its original chassis, body, engine, gearbox, and other major components. In 2013, the F40 was sold to British golf pro and Ferrari collector Ian James Poulter, who commissioned Ferrari of Central Florida to perform an engine-out service at approximately 1,300 miles, as documented by invoices on file. The current owner acquired the F40 in 2018, and had his in-house, Ferrari-trained technician perform a thorough service and detailing in preparation for Platinum-level concours judging. Completed in fall 2021, this process included reconditioning the fuel injectors, cleaning the throttle bodies, rebuilding the braking calipers, overhauling the air-conditioning system, and detailing the entire car to the highest standards. This detail-oriented effort was rewarded at the Ferrari Club of America Annual Experience in November 2021, where the F40 received four of the club’s most prestigious honors. Not only did 87041 receive a Platinum award, with a perfect 100-point score in judging, it also earned Coppa Bella Macchina and Outstanding Supercar awards. Above all, this magnificent F40 was honored with the coveted Coppa GT award, which requires that a car earn both Platinum and Coppa Bella Macchina awards, and further demands that the driver demonstrate competency, proficiency, and knowledge on the racetrack. At each annual meeting, just three cars are eligible to receive the FCA’s exclusive Coppa GT award. At the time of cataloguing, the odometer displayed just 1,832 miles, and the car presents in exceptional condition in all respects. The hallmark characteristics of a well-kept F40 are visible on the car, from the factory-original ID and data plates, down to the correct US country-code markings on the suspension arms. The Scaglietti body number (75) is present on both door hinges, as well as the front and rear clamshells, and even the fuel filler doors are correctly engraved with “DX” and “SX” markings. Moreover, this remarkable F40 is offered with a proper leather handbook folio – containing the owner’s manual, warranty book, and dealer directory – as well as a tool roll, tire inflator, car cover, and Ferrari Classiche Red Book. It is also accompanied by a file of documentation that includes a history report produced by Marcel Massini, service records, correspondence, FCA judging sheet, and CARFAX Vehicle History Report.»

Chassis number: 88835

Auction: RM Sotheby’s, Maranello 2009, sold for 286’000 Euro.

Chassisnummer: ZFFGJ34B000088895

Engine number: 26333

Auction: To be sold at RM Sotheby’s in London on 5 November 2022, part of the “Gran Turismo Collection”, estimated price £1’400’000 to £1’600’000, offered with the following text: Chassis 8895 is a European market example that entered production on 8 March 1991 and rolled out of the Maranello workshops on 21 March. The Rosso Corsa supercar was delivered to its first owner—a Monaco resident—on 30 April 1991, via Sa.Mo.Car SpA in Rome, Italy, and was promptly registered on tourist plates. The supplying workshop carried out the car’s first service on 3 May, and by 11 May the F40 was recorded by marque expert Marcel Massini as being in Monaco—likely having been driven back to the principality. Clearly an owner who believed in enjoying the car, it made the journey back to the supplying dealer for servicing in August 1992 and March 1994, when the mileage was noted as 8,851 kilometres. The Ferrari stayed in the care of its first owner until 8 July 1997, when it was bought by the consignor. It spent some time at his home in France before being imported to the UK, where it was road registered on 1 May 1998 and became part The Gran Turismo Collection. During the current ownership, this F40 suffered an accident which necessitated new front and rear clams, sourced from the factory, to be fitted. Benefitting from regular use, the odometer displayed 48,511 kilometres at time of cataloguing. The car is accompanied by its owner’s manual and service book, numerous invoices and MoT certificates, plus spare brake discs and seatbelts.»

Chassis number: 89307

Auction: RM Sotheby’s, Maranello 2008, sold for 396’000 Euro.

Chassis-Number: ZFFGJ34B000089385

Engine-Number: 26662

Auction: RM Sotheby’s, Munich 2022, estimated 2’300’000 to 2’600’000 Euro, offered with the following text: «This beautifully presented F40 benefits from a life of modest driving use and consistent upkeep that included at least one extended period of careful storage. According to a history report by marque expert Marcel Massini, chassis number 89385 completed assembly in May 1991, specified for the European market with instruments in kilometers, equipped with wind-up windows, and characteristically finished in Rosso Ferrari paint over an interior of Stoffa Vigogna upholstery. As confirmed by a copy of a warranty card on file, the Ferrari was immediately delivered to its first owner of record, Roberto “Pupo” Moreno, a Brazilian racing driver who found marginal success during a three-decade career that included stints in Formula One, CART, and sports car racing. After only 18 months of ownership, Pupo had the F40 stored at the Maranello factory and offered it for sale. The berlinetta was then acquired by an enthusiast in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and before long the car was stored for a further period at a local garage. In July 2007 the Ferrari resurfaced when it was driven by Matthias Weiland at the Ferrari Racing Days event held at the Hockenheimring and in March 2011, Mr. Weiland displayed the car at the Techno Classica in Essen. A few months later, the F40 was sold to a French enthusiast residing in Brive-La Gaillarde, and it was one of 500 Ferraris invited for display at the Sport et Collection exhibition at the Circuit Le Vigeant in June 2013. After passing to an Italian enthusiast around 2015, the berlinetta was more recently acquired by the consigning owner. In September 2020, the seller took the F40 for servicing at Modena Cars SA in Geneva, Switzerland, and the work was completed by the following February. Both left and right fuel tanks were replaced, the fuel lines were refreshed, and other work was undertaken to ensure the supercar’s smooth running; the work totaled CHF 116,500, and the invoice can be viewed in this car’s history file. The odometer of the Ferrari displays 9,400 kilometers at the time of cataloguing.Important stampings confirm that this F40 retains its matching-numbers body, chassis, engine, and gearbox. The F40 is documented with a report by marque expert Marcel Massini included in its history file, further to copies of the warranty booklet and service invoices from 2012 to 2015.»

Chassis number: 89888

Auction: RM Sotheby’s, Monterey 2009, sold for 462’000 Dollar.

Chassis-Nummer: ZFFMN34AXN0091097

Engine number: 28606

Auction: RM Sotheby’s, Monterey 2022, estimate 2’500’000 bis 2’900’000 Dollar, offered with the following text: «This desirably documented and modestly driven F40 is one of the finest examples to be publicly offered in recent memory. One of just 60 examples delivered to the United States in 1992, chassis number 91097 completed assembly in September 1991, finished in Rosso Corsa and trimmed with Stoffa Vigogna (vicuña cloth) seat upholstery. According to a copy of an original window sticker on file, the car was shipped for import to Newark, New Jersey, and an entry in the F40’s warranty booklet demonstrates the car was distributed for retail to Monterey Ferrari in Seaside, California, just north of Pebble Beach. Officially sold in October 1991, the Ferrari was delivered in January 1992 to the first owner, Putra Masagung of Hillsborough, California. The impressive supercar passed through one other California-based ownership over the following 13 years before being acquired circa late 2005 by another enthusiast in California. Throughout this period, the F40 enjoyed steady maintenance and gradually accrued occasional miles before being sold to the consignor more recently.»

Chassis number: 93762

Auction: RM Sotheby’s, Maranello 2007, sold for 275’000 Euro.

Chassis number: ZFFGJ34B000093942

Engine number: 31417

Gearbox number: 674

Currently (end of September 2022) offered by RM Sotheby’s in “Private Sales” with the following text: «Supplied new to its native Italy in June of 1992 via Autocentrale Spa Perugia, this F40’s original service book shows that it was first delivered to Maurizio Gelli of Arezzo. Built in the final model year of F40 production, this late production example is fitted with both catalytic converters and adjustable suspension. The car’s service book shows that it remained in Italy for the first few years of its life, with servicing taking place at Autocentrale in 1992 and 1997, by which point the car had covered some 9,413 kilometres. After leaving Italy, the F40 spent a number of years in Sweden in the ownership of Carl Gustaf Julius Rosenblad of Lund, a city in the south of the country near Malmö. During his ownership, the car was serviced regularly at Autoropa—an official Swedish Ferrari dealership—from 2007 through 2013. After leaving Sweden, the car was purchased by Eric Brumenil of Belgium, and subsequently moved to France with a later owner. The car’s most recent service, which included changing of all fluids and a replacement of the timing belts, occurred earlier in 2022 at Charles Pozzi Paris at 24,204 km, and it has accumulated minimal mileage since. Prior to this, the car’s timing belts were replaced in September 2016, when the odometer displayed 22,410 kilometres. The car’s fuel bladders were fitted in July 2015 and will need to be replaced by July 2025. Importantly, the car was Ferrari Classiche certified in 2017, confirming that it retains its original chassis, engine, gearbox, and bodywork.»

Chassis-Nummer: ZFFGJ34B000094277

Auction: RM Sotheby’s, Arizona 2023, estimate 2’200’000 bis 2’800’000 Dollar, offered with the following Text: «Benefiting from a lifetime of gentle use and modest mileage through a short chain of ownership, this superb F40 is a particularly impressive example of Maranello’s seminal commemorative hypercar. According to the research of marque expert Marcel Massini, chassis number 94277 began assembly in May 1992, specified as a European-market example with instruments in kilometers. Equipped with a catalytic converter, the Ferrari was finished in the F40’s standard livery of Rosso Corsa paint over an interior of cloth Vigogna upholstery. Completed in July 1992, the F40 was originally ordered by Charles Pozzi’s esteemed Ferrari West Europe SA in Paris, but eventually was sold new in September 1992 via IFS Importation Ferrari Suisse SA in Nyon, Switzerland to an enthusiast based in Moers, Germany. The berlinetta remained in Germany through the mid-1990s before being exported to Japan by April 1997, as demonstrated by a Japanese export certificate on file. Invoices dating from September 2012 to November 2020 reflect a life of fastidious maintenance and minimal driving time in Japan, as the odometer accrued only 2,009 kilometers (~1,248 miles) over this eight-year period. In addition to general service measures, the Ferrari was fitted with new engine mounts, ignition, starter motor, and fuel pump. In September 2018 the car underwent the all-important timing belt replacement service, and in December 2018 the fuel tanks were disassembled and cleaned, and the tank sponges were replaced. The F40 was imported by the consignor to the United States directly after the long-term Japanese ownership, and in December 2022 the car was treated to a full no-expense-spared service from the authorized marque dealership Ferrari of Newport Beach in Southern California. Exhibiting a beautifully presented exterior and optimally maintained mechanical elements, this berlinetta desirably retains the original front and rear clips, as confirmed by an inspection by Ferrari of Newport Beach. The car is accompanied by a tool roll and owner’s manuals, and documented with the Massini report, export paperwork, and Japanese service invoices (including English translations). The odometer currently displays just 19,697 kilometers (~12,239 miles), reflecting a life of sparing driving use.»

Chassis-Number: 94545

sold at Bring a Trailer in August 2022 for 2’440’444 Dollar.

We have already written the story about the F40, here. There is also a collection of our collections, here.

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