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Cadillac Escalade-V

For the Nordschleife?

With its 5.15 metres length and over 2.6 tonnes kerb weight, the Cadillac Escalade is a powerful car. Until now, customers have had to make do with a 6.2-litre V8 that delivers a rather modest 426 hp. Now the Americans have come to their senses – and are bringing the Escalade-V onto the market.

V, as you know, is the designation of the more powerful Cadillac models. Usually there is simply a Supercharger on top of the well-known machines – and that is exactly how it is with the Escalade-V. Supercharged, the 6.2-litre V8 produces a respectable 682 hp and 885 Nm of maximum torque – making it the most powerful full-size SUV in the world.

Customers in the Middle East will be able to buy this Cadillac Escalade-V from the end of 2022; the price is not yet known. It is hardly likely that this model will also come to Switzerland – except perhaps through the greyer channels. And yet this model would certainly be suitable for setting a new record for full-size SUVs on the Nordschleife – one that does not yet exist.

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