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Forge Design Competizione Ventidue

Mind game

Well, we have already noticed that the Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta is one of the greatest cars of all times, see: here. We’re not alone in that, recently there have been one or two new interpretations of the “short one”, for example by the RML Group or also by GTO Engineering, where the thing is then called Squalo. Now an English group of designers called Forge Design is making a new attempt, only virtually for the time being, but with a lot of love and expertise. The result is called Competizione Ventidue and is a fine homage to the ’61 racing versions of the 250, also known as the “SEFAC Hot Rod”.

The design itself is wonderfully minimalist, no bumpers, no trim, no unnecessary edges or air intakes or even spoilers. Just an exterior mirror. The appearance of the rims resembles the classic Campagnolo rims, and the rear window is made of polycarbonate – just like the original. The body itself, however, is not made of aluminium as it was back then, but of modern composite materials. The chassis is copied from the real “SEFAC” and made of aluminium and carbon fibre. Oh yes: independent suspension, that is.

Of course, this is all just a thought experiment. This is also evident in the envisaged drive. It is to be a 3-litre twelve-cylinder engine, but with indirect hydrogen injection, which is not yet available. That would mean zero emissions. But sometimes you can just dream a little, can’t you?

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