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New: Mercedes-AMG S 63

AMG for future

At last, at last, the Mercedes S-Class gets the paint job to match. The colour, which is reserved exclusively for the new AMG S63 E-Performance model, is called “Colombian Snow”, but only comes in conjunction with completely blacked-out windows and a safe package that is so secret that even in Affalterbach they no longer know where these storage places for “medicines” and larger sums of cash are located. We assume: at the front, in the front grille, which has grown once again. Access to the vehicle and these compartments is only possible via a custom-made gold chain that must be worn prominently on the arm. To ensure that no champagne is spilt even when driving at speed, the most powerful S-Class of all time is equipped with roll stabilisers as standard. If necessary, such as distraction by hired company, the AMG can also be reasonably autonomous.

Incidentally, it is just a silly rumour that Mercedes manufactures the S-Class exclusively for Chinese customers. The new model, whose 612-hp 4-litre V8 has to be boosted by a 190-hp electric motor in order to be able to move the more than 2.5 tonnes in a reasonably stable manner, has a purely electric range of a maximum of 33 kilometres. This is why it cannot be offered in most Chinese cities, where a minimum range of 50 kilometres is required. On the other hand, the huge 13.1 kWh battery can be charged with a highly advanced 3.7 kW and is therefore full again after just under four hours.

Affalterbach has not yet named a price for the Mercedes-AMG S63 E-Performance. However, it will be roughly on the same level as the consumption figures, which are also still missing. Interesting: the vehicles will be delivered exclusively on Fridays, that’s where Mercedes-AMG wants to make a statement, this starting in 2023. Otherwise, we would have another nice Mercedes story: here. And then there is this song

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