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radical zero: Munro

The electric primeval beast

Recently we showed a design sketch of the Scottish Munro. Yesterday, the Scots presented the vehicle – and yes, the realisation is amazingly successful. We are looking at one of the most angular cars of all time, while an (old) Defender looks as elegant as a deux-pièce by Coco Chanel.

But what Russell Peterson and Ross Anderson have put on its four wheels is quite exciting. The Munro, named after a Scottish mountain, comes with two battery sizes (61 kWh or 82 kWh), two power levels (220 kW and 280 kW) and a range of 305 kilometres. That doesn’t sound particularly rough, but you hardly ever drive that far off-road in a day.

The naturally all-wheel-drive Munro is designed for extreme off-road capability – and we know that the Stromer can do this excellently, thanks to ample and immediately available torque (700 Nm in the more powerful version). The Scotsman can also load a tonne and tow 3.5 tonnes. The price scale for the original Scottish beast starts at £49,995, with the first examples due to be delivered in 2024.

More Stomer can be found at: zero. Everything else in the archive.

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