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New: Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato

Unfortunately: no

Oh yes, we would love to see a coupé of the current Giulia from Alfa Romeo. And if it were to come with the powertrain and chassis from the GTA/GTAm, what sunshine it could be. Zagato has now done that – and as is so often the case with the Milanese conversions of recent years, we are anything but happy. Yes, there are chocolate sides, straight from the front, low down, that fits. We are also somewhat happy with the rear end (TZ!), but the side view is a horror, the front end is far too long, the front overhang looks like it has been pasted on, the roof hump is anything but elegant, and once again the harmonies are not right at all.

And yet the conditions were so good. One of the few Giulia QVs with the manual 6-speed gearbox was spiced up with a few GTAm parts and then shortened in wheelbase (hence SWB). Then Nori Harada, Vice President Design at Zagato, drew a coupé shape with the typical “double bubble” humps and a rear end that is supposed to remind of the first “Codatronca” from 1961 (Spada!). That’s not bad in its beginnings, but somehow you then get the feeling that Harada wanted to include too many more retro quotes, including an S.Z. from 1990 as well as the TZ3 Corsa/Stradale from 2010/11. And in the end it looks like a crashed BMW Z4 with the rear of a Hyundai Coupé after a rear-end collision.

One German customer has already bought the Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato. For everyone else, the hope remains that there will perhaps be another beautiful coupé from Alfa Romeo at some point. Some nice examples can be found in our archive.

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