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radical zero: Aehra – the interior

The added value

We have often mentioned it before: Not all manufacturers of e-vehicles really take advantage of the new possibilities offered by the very low-profile Stromer platforms. The space on offer remains meagre in some cases, the interior design often dull. The Italian newcomer Aehra is now setting out to change that: the first pictures of the interior of the future SUV show something pleasing.

On the one hand, there is the screen wall. When the SUV is in drive mode, the screen is in a lower position to display only the relevant information the driver needs, such as speed, range, heating and ventilation settings and navigation instructions. The two outer areas of the screen act as virtual exterior mirrors, transmitting high-resolution images from two front side cameras. When the vehicle is parked, on the other hand, occupants can extend the large screen upwards and transform their Aehra into a home cinema or office environment. This, he says, is a direct result of the changes the Italians made to the shape of its first model, because in conventional vehicle layouts, the interior dimensions do not allow front-row passengers to operate such a flexible and large HMI screen, as it would sit too close to their eyes.

The result is a true workstation or lounge for front row passengers, with a similar layout to what people are used to in the office or at home. This approach is further enhanced by the Aehra’s premium front and rear seats. Aesthetically, the seats are reminiscent of custom-made supercars – but above all, thanks in part to a three-metre wheelbase, they allow for a novel sense of space. The inspiration for the low weight, high strength and optimum comfort of the seats comes from the aviation industry. Looks good, doesn’t it?

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