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radical zero: BMW i Vision Dee

Andy Warhol

From 2025, the often onerous process of choosing a colour for one’s new car will be history: BMW is bringing a new colour-changing technology that lets you choose from 32 different shades at the touch of a button. And mix them all together, depending on your mood. Everyone becomes Andy Warhol. We don’t know whether leasing silver is also possible.

What BMW is presenting at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas (until 8 January) is rather surprising. Not the colour-changing technology, the Bavarians had already hinted at that last year (then only black/white), but more the very minimalist design of the BMW i Vision Dee. The exterior no longer seems central – everything is concentrated on the interior. There, at first glance, you don’t see any screens at all. But they are everywhere, if desired (and again at the push of a button) they stretch across the entire width of the passenger compartment. And they are complemented by a huge head-up display. And this is precisely the central element of the BMW i Vision Dee. The occupants can choose for themselves what they want to see and experience, just a minimum of information while driving, for example. Or an enormous virtual game world, this then behind darkened windows.

It goes without saying that BMW’s New Class will be purely electric. BMW is familiar with the New Class, which saved the company from ruin in the early 1960s.

More electric cars can be found at: zero.

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