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News (or so): Nissan GT-R

Once again a very last one

Actually, the Nissan GT-R has not been available since last year, at least not in Europe. But now the Japanese are launching two more versions, although there are eight of them. Six of them belong to the so-called “T-Spec Edition”, two then carry the Nismo badge. As a Nismo, there is 600 hp and 652 Nm of maximum torque, the more well-behaved variants have to be content with 570 hp and 637 Nm.

Just think: the Nissan GT-R (R35) has been built since 2007. It has already seen a few improvements along the way (including a more extreme look from Italdesign), but for its 15th birthday it now gets a new front-end design, carbon brakes as standard and a new suspension setting. The Nismo also has a new front locking diff and plenty of carbon. Whether the revised GT-R will make it to Europe again is still unclear.

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