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Newsletter 03/2023

Review and resignation

There is a simple explanation for the fact that there were not so many new stories to read this week: The Car of the Year. I have been a juror there for 15 years, this year the last test and comparison drives took place near Brussels, Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday evening, the 59 jurors had to cast their votes, and already on Friday noon, the winner was announced at the Brussels Motor Show. As always, I took my task as a juror seriously, and this time was no exception. I took each of the seven candidates (all of whom I had driven before) for a short drive on country roads and through Belgian villages, gave each sat nav a brain teaser, and then drove at least five laps with each car on the (unfortunately wet) Circuit de Mettet. There were no big surprises, five out of seven candidates failed the brainteaser, the Kia Niro drove surprisingly well on the circuit, but the Nissan Ariya posed a big puzzle. As always, I gave detailed reasons for my choice:

Car of the Year 2023

By the way, the Jeep Avenger won. And I resigned from the jury – you can read the reasons here.

But we were still able to publish a very nice story: The Million Dollar Tatra. A Tatra T77 is a wonderful car anyway, one of the best that existed before the Second World War. And this one also has a very nice love story:

Tatra T77

Then, finally, another one of those wonderful Ferrari 340 America comes on the market. There we have beautiful pictures of 0120A, it’s well worth a look:

Ferrari 340 America (just im german)

And we also found a few novelties:

Hennessey Venom F5 Revolution

Nissan GT-R (just im german)

RAM 1500 Revolution

As always, we have been busy adding to our collections this week: Bugatti EB110, Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce, AC Ace, Ferrari F40, Toyota 2000GT, Maserati MC12 and BMW M1. And if you missed last week’s newsletter: here (just im german).

Stay tuned, recommend us to others –

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