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radical zero: Volvo builds mini-van

There is so much talk

Of course, “radical” also roams the wide online world. And time and again it finds stories that are quite interesting. For example, that the Geely subsidiary Volvo wants to significantly expand its model range, at least in China. For example, a so-called “Excellence” version of the EX90 (below), which will probably not be launched until 2024, will be offered with only four seats, but with a great deal of luxury. Even before the EX90, the EX30 may come onto the market, a compact SUV, naturally all-electric. But the biggest surprise, literally, might be a Volvo minivan, a mighty thing 5.21 metres long and almost 1.90 metres high – and with at least six seats. The basis for this is the Zeekr 009, presented in China these days, which has a 140 kWh battery that is supposed to provide a range of over 800 kilometres in the 536 hp minivan. Will there be a Volvo clientele for such a beast in Europe? We don’t know.

The second rumour is also indirectly about Geely. It is said that a future SUV by Alpine will be based on the Lotus Eletre. Lotus belongs to Geely and drives a somewhat modified form of the SEA platform (as does the Zeekr 009), so theoretically this could fit. But Alpine is also supposed to represent the sporty spearhead of the Renault group. So we wonder whether the French, who are among the e-pioneers, couldn’t do something themselves – after all, Alpine is supposed to sell 150,000 vehicles a year by the end of the decade (42 times more than at present…). But maybe the Chinese already have a hand in the French; at Aston Martin there are increasing signs that Geely could step in as a saving angel.

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