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Ferrari 250 GTO – #4153GT

The most expensive (so far)

Chassis number: 4153GT

Engine number: 4153GT

Production date: 02.06.1963

Original colour: Silver/Yellow

Special features: –

delivered to: Pierre Dumay (France)

first owner: Pierre Dumay

further owners:

xx/1963: Ecurie Francorchamps (Belgium)

xx/1964: Philippe de Montaigu (France)

xx/196x: Pierre de Siebenthal (Switzerland)

xx/1966: Delgado (Spain)

xx/1970: Lenglet (Romainville, France)

xx/1986: Henri Chambon (France)

xx/1997: Nicolaus Springer (Gstaad, Switzerland)

xx/2000: Bernd/Charles R. Grohe (Germany, paid 6.5 million dollars)

xx/2003: Christian Gläsel (Germany)

01/2018: David McNeil (USA, paid $70 million; probably current owner).

Most important races:

19/05/1963: 1000 kilometres Nürburgring, “Jean Beurlys”, #58, entered but did not start.

15-16/06/1963: 24 Hours of Le Mans, Pierre Dumay/”Elde”, #25, 4th place OA/2nd place class

31/05/1964: 1000 kilometres Nürburgring, Gustave Gosselin/FRancis van Lysbeth, #75, 18th place OA/4th place class

11-20/09/1964: Tour de France, Lucien Bianchi/Georges Berger, #172, 1st place OA

You can find more beautiful classics in our archive. And then, of course, we have an in-depth look at all the Ferrari 250 GTOs, here (just in german, sorry)

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