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1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7

#9113600918 (bezeichnet als «Touring;); M472.

Motor-Nr.: 6630881, Getriebe-Nr: 7830899.

Produktionsdatum: März 1973.

Originalfarbe*: 6262, Hellgelb

Innenausstattung*: Code 13, Kunstleder Schwarz mit Mittelstreifen Pepita.

Zusätzliche Ausstattungen: 258 Kopfstützen links/rechts (130.00); 409 Sportsitze links/rechts (250.00); 423 Aussenspiegel plan hinzu, Fahrerseite (20.00); 650 elektrisches Schiebedach (1230.00); 651 elektrische Fensterheber (495.00). Rechtslenker.

Erstauslieferung: SKT Südafrikanischer Tourist

Erstbesitzer: –

Weitere Besitzer: –

Auktion: Bonhams, Quail Lodge 2021, «verkauft» (ohne Preisangabe, was erstaunlich ist), angeboten mit folgendem Text: «Even with a considerably high production number for the legendary 1973 model-year 911 Carrera RS 2.7, it has become increasingly hard to locate „best-of-the-best“ examples. And when you take into consideration that just about 100 or so examples were equipped from the factory with right hand drive steering; it gets even harder! The exceptional Carrera offered here, chassis no. 9113600918, must be considered among the very best examples of the iconic model, not just due to its rare specification and superbly preserved original condition, but also due to the fact that it is offered for sale today by its original owner, who purchased the car brand new in December of 1972.
The story of 0918 really begins earlier in 1972, when the consigner – a renowned collector of spectacular sports cars and true ‚car guy‘ – was considering his next new car to enjoy in his hometown of Johannesburg, South Africa. Several upper end sports cars on the ’72 market was considered, including a 246 Dino, Porsche 911S and BMW 3.0 CSI. But before pulling the trigger, he read an article about the introduction of the 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7, and soon rushed to the local Johannesburg Porsche dealer to place and order. But here he was told that just 100 right hand drive examples would be built, and none were destined for the South African market. However, he convinced the dealer one should go to South Africa and was able to place and order for 9113600918.
Completed at Porsche’s Zuffenhausen factory during March of 1973, 0918 was the 918th example in the 911 Carrera RS 2.7 model range produced. Built to the Touring code 472 specifications, 0918 was completed just appears today, finished in color code 6262 ‚Hellgelb‘ or Signal Yellow, over a black leatherette and Pepita interior, fitted with both passenger and driver side sports seats with headrests, and a driver’s side mirror. Perhaps the most exciting, and certainly very rare detail on 0918’s production record, was the right-hand drive steering, South Africa region configuration and no „Carrera“ script request, but also the factory electric sunroof and power window options if was fitted with. All these details are documented in the well-known Gruber/Konradsheim book on the model, Carrera RS. Once the new high-performance Porsche was completed, the consignor traveled to Zuffenhusen to see his new car be finalized and took a first test drive. He took delivery of the car in Johannesburg in October of 1973 and would put about 30,000 kilometers on it until 1977, when he migrated to the US. As the 911 Carrera RS 2.7 didn’t conform to US specifications, he had to leave it behind, and would sell the car to a family friend.
In 2001, as the car was old enough to import into the US, the consignor got the bug to get his old Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 back and traced it through his brother-in-law who had kept in touch with the car and owner. At the time, the car remained in superb original condition, and had only traveled about 100,000 kilometers (60,000 miles) since new. The dry Johannesburg climate and interim custodians had been very good to the car, and it remained complete with factory delivered accessories such as tools, tire pump, books and manuals.
Today – offered from its original owner – 0918 presents in extraordinarily original condition. It is a car with integrity and no bad stories. It has fewer than 149,500 kilometers (92,900 miles) recorded on its odometer, a figure well-documented through the years. The original factory installed sports seats with Pepita inserts are intact, as are the original carpets, dash and headliner. The original Fuchs wheels are in wonderful condition and fitted with a fresh set of Pirelli Centurato tires. The original brightwork, lights and lenses remain intact, as does the glass except from the windshield which was replaced as a rock chip hit some years back. One gentle respray in the original Signal Yellow color of the exterior panels has been performed, but jambs and compartments still carry the original factory applied paint. 0918 of course retains its original, matching numbers engine and transaxle.
0918 is offered with the full set of original tools, spare and jack, tire pump, owner’s manual and supplement, and an original 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 sales brochure. The car has been featured in magazine articles, which will accompany the sale as well. The level of originality seen on 0918 is just incredible and speaks not only to the fastidious high level of care and loving use this car has seen, but also the quality of these cars. As an exceedingly rare factory right hand drive delivered car (and sole example delivered new to South Africa), equipped with factory sunroof and electric windows – and now offered from the original owner – the level of pedigree found with 0918 will be very hard to find again.»

Steht aktuell (September 2021) bei Girardo & Co. zum Verkauf, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «The Porsche 911 2.7 Carrera RS we’re delighted to be offering is one of the very best we’ve encountered. One of approximately 100 right-hand-drive examples built, chassis number 0918 is perhaps most notable in that it was the sole RS delivered new to South Africa. The original Johannesburg-based owner, one Stanley Bauer, was a well-known collector who used his influence to persuade the local Porsche dealership to sell him a car which wasn’t officially designated for the region. Clearly an enthusiast of distinguished taste, Bauer didn’t hold back when presented with the order form by the South African Porsche representative in 1972. Vibrant Light Yellow on the exterior was contrasted with understated black leatherette and hound’s tooth inside. The more supportive sports seats were specified for both the driver and the passenger, along with the optional head rests to increase comfort. Further refinement was added with the electric sliding sunroof, a particularly rare feature, and the power windows. The proverbial cherry on the cake was the deletion of the black ‘Carrera’ script on the side of the car. Following its completion in March of 1973, the original owner travelled all the way to Zuffenhausen to inspect his new pride and joy and, of course, take a maiden test-drive. It was to be the first of many happy miles behind the wheel of this Porsche 911 Carrera. Between October of 1973, when the car was delivered to South Africa, and 1977, when Bauer emigrated to the United States, he racked up over 30,000km. But, Bauer couldn’t sell his beloved 911 to just anyone, so who better than his father to keep the car in the family until it was sold to a friend, Bobby Levine in 1982. The car changed hands again in 1995 when Dr Peter Goldsmith bought it, before Alan Green took ownership in 2000. Fast-forward to March 2002, by which point the 2.7 Carrera RS was eligible to be imported to the United States. Chassis 0918’s original owner, then based in California, decided he wanted to reunite with his old Porsche, such was the esteem he held for the car during his former ownership. Bauer managed to trace the car through his brother-in-law, who’d always kept it in his sights. We can only imagine Bauer’s surprise to find the car still in South Africa and in excellent condition. Remaining in the exact specification in which it left the factory, the RS had clearly been cherished and enjoyed by its subsequent three owners, the Johannesburg climate no doubt playing its part in the beguiling preservation. Suffice to say, a deal was made and chassis 0918 travelled to the United States to be reunited with its original owner once again. Since heading Stateside on the 28th March 2002, chassis 0918 has been lovingly used and maintained in the same vein as it always has been. The odometer reads 149,500km (that’s 92,900 miles) which is authenticated by the abundance of documentation kept by the car’s owners over the decades. And the car benefits from a fresh service, carried out by North American Racing Werks in July of 2021.»

*Angaben gemäss dem Standardwerk «Carrera RS».

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