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Lamborghini Miura P400S – #4542


513) Chassis-Nummer: 4542

Motoren-Nummer: 30505

Auslieferungsdatum: 20.04.1970

Auslieferung an: Foitek (Schweiz)

Original-Farbe: Rosso Corsa

Interieur: nero

erster Besitzer: –

weitere Besitzer: Schenk (1977, Genf, über Foitek, Kennzeichen GE30268, bis 2019, damals 18’500 Kilometer); über Kidston verkauft, dies mit folgendem Text: «Miura P400 S chassis 4542 was invoiced to Swiss Lamborghini agent Garage Foitek on 14 April 1970. The copy of the factory invoice that accompanies the car declares ‘4542’ was equipped with engine number 30505 and, as a late-series P400 S, it was supplied with desirable ventilated discs. The fattura for 6,581,125 lire states the car was finished in Rosso Corsa with Senape. Bertone – who actually built, painted and trimmed the cars prior to final assembly in Sant’Agata, and produces the most definitive records – lists chassis 4542 as Rosso Corsa with Beige and Nero. It was a combination of the vibrant racing colour of Italy paired with a classic Miura interior of black leatherette lightened by seat panels in Senape, a mustard-beige velour. Incredibly, together with original engine ‘30505’, the car bears this interior and, quite possibly, much of its first paint today. As country distributor, Garage Foitek subsequently sold ‘4542’ to Grand Garage des Nations of Geneva, to whom on 12 May 1970 it issued invoice 661 for 46,800 CHF. Nothing further is known about the car until our client’s father bought it in 1977, when he was told it was a ‘one owner car’. A receipt from Marcel Willemin’s Garage du Bout du Monde in Geneva dated 16 December 1977 confirms the price paid was 42,000 CHF and distance covered at that time was 9,800km. Its new owner – a trained engineer, who knew how to look after a high-performance car – was an organised man and immediately began a diary of routine maintenance of his new acquisition, which he kept it until 1991. By August 1983 the car had completed 11,400km; at October 1986 12,129km; October 1989 12,318km. In August 1991 the oil was changed once again – to his preferred brand Agip SINT 2000 – and the odometer read 12,353km. In recent years, chassis 4542 has been in the care of French sports car specialist FB Motors of Saint-Jeoire, just over the border from Geneva and well-versed in maintaining and restoring Miuras (they tend our client’s other, orange car). The car has always been regularly serviced – however low the mileage – and copies of invoices from FB record the following annual odometer readings:

•19 April 2011 yearly service, 13,207km

•16 November 2011 yearly service, 13,894km
•10 February 2012, spare parts only
•28 May 2014 yearly service, 16,020km
•21 September 2015 yearly service, 16,563km
•28 July 2016 yearly service, 16,891km
•7 August 2017 yearly service, 17,942km
•13 October 2017 yearly service, 18,016km
•27 July 2018 clutch overhaul, two new tyres, 18,147km
All the while, the car has been lovingly preserved in its original condition and a recent drive in it impressed us. It felt one of the top five Miuras we have driven. Here was a genuine ‘time warp’ example, carefully maintained, never restored and feeling as good as when it first crossed into Switzerland via Ponte Tresa on 20 April 1970. We have rarely handled such an unspoilt car in totally correct driving condition before, a testament to the decades spent in one family’s careful ownership. For those searching for the ‘right Miura’, the waiting is over.»
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Besonderes: –

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