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Lamborghini Miura P400S – #3952


337) Chassis-Nummer: 3952

Motoren-Nummer: 2871

Auslieferungsdatum: 06.03.1969

Auslieferung an: Lamborauto

Original-Farbe: Verde Miura

Interieur: skay beige

erster Besitzer: –

weitere Besitzer: Ted Titmus (1985, Los Angeles, kaufte das Fahrzeug (schwarz, mit schwarzem Interieur) für 25’000 Dollar, begann Restauration); Bill DeCarr (1986); Buddy Cox (ca. 2010, Houston – Restauration/Umbau bei Bobileff)

Auktion: RM Sotheby’s, Scottsdale 2013, verkauft für 781’000 Dollar, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «This Miura P400S, chassis 3952, is a superlative example in every respect, especially with its faithful upgrade to top SV specification. First, it is important to note that 3952 is incorrectly indicated in the Coltrin/Marchet book Lamborghini Miura as an original delivery in right-hand drive. Rather, it is an original left-hand drive car supplied to Italian dealer Lamborauto in Turin, as confirmed by the original factory production register. Today, it is liveried as it was delivered new, in iconic Verde Miura (lime green), with Skai Beige (a rich caramel color leatherette) seats and door panels, and a Testa diMoro (dark brown) dashboard and center console. Bearing production number 337, it was completed on March 6, 1969. As a numbers-matching example, it is equipped with the correct, original engine, numbered 2871. As evidenced by historical documents, this Miura was owned by race car driver Ted Titmus from Southern California in the early-1980s. It was brought to Bill DeCar, of Bill’s Body Shop in the Los Angeles area, for a complete restoration at that time. During this period, DeCar was asked to fabricate a GT40-style nose treatment, which was installed, as well as to fit a racing suspension and brakes, dramatically improving the handling, adjustability, and stopping power of the car. But, after a time, the car languished in his shop and, years later, Bill DeCar bought the car for himself. Alas, once again, the car was never completely finished during his ownership. Enter marque authority and expert restorer Gary Bobileff, of Bobileff Motorcar Company of San Diego, California. In 2009, he purchased the Miura from DeCar and began a comprehensive re-restoration to bring the car back to its original configuration. While in progress, Bobileff sold the car to its current owner, who contracted Bobileff for the completion of the restoration and later requested that the car be further upgraded to P400SV specification. Bobileff Motorcars flared the rear fenders to the precise dimensions of the SV to accommodate the wider SV-spec wheels. The mechanicals have been rebuilt, including the split sump dividing the engine and transmission lubrication systems employed on the SV. The engine features handmade, nickel-plated velocity stacks to aid breathing and incidentally portray an even more aggressive look. And to completely fulfill his consummate vision, the owner commissioned a correctly modified nose, with new front and rear bumpers installed, in addition to new taillights and front lamps, all per SV specification. The car was refinished in its more than striking original colors of Verde Miura with a caramel/tobacco interior (now done in supple, genuine leather). Since the exacting, comprehensive restoration, the car has been driven fewer than 100 miles. This superb example of a correctly and tastefully upgraded factory Miura ‘S’ is available for a fraction of the cost of a factory SV. Bobileff Motorcars execution is typically and virtually flawless, with remarkable attention to detail and superior drivability. The quality of this car cannot be overstated, and it invites close inspection.»

Besonderes: –

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