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Lamborghini Miura P400S – #3799


280) Chassis-Nummer: 3799

Motoren-Nummer: 2529

Auslieferungsdatum: 18.11.1968

Auslieferung an: Lamborauto

Original-Farbe: Verde Miura

Interieur: skay senape

erster Besitzer: Piero Quadro (02.01.1969, Turin, bezahlte 7’700’000 Lire, Kennzeichen TOA82680)

weitere Besitzer: Angelo Giuliano (21.02.1970, Saluzzo, bezahlte 5’000’000 Lire); Arduino Messina (11.04.1970, Turin, bezahlte 4’500’000 Lire); Vincenza Ventimiglia (10.07.1970, Falconara Marittima, bezahlte 600’000 Lire, Kennzeichen AN151109); Maria Grazia Ferrero (02.09.1972, Turin, bezahlte 1’000’000 Lire, Kennzeichen TOH60986); Sebastiana Sipala (10.10.1973, Rivoli, bezahlte 2’000’000 Lire); Gianfranco Goitani (15.05.1974, Spoleto, bezahlte 1’000’000 Lire, Kennzeichen PG246820); Ornella Goitani (02.09.1974, Spoleto, bezahlte 1’000’000 Lire); Schweiz (2001); England (2004); angeboten über Cotswold Collects Cars (2016, 2018 verkauft); stand bei DK Engineering zum Verkauf (Dezember 2020), mit folgendem Text: «This particular example was first registered on 31st December 1968, supplied in Verde Miura over Senape (Mustard), the body colour it is finished in today. The car spent the early part of its life in Italy. Supplied new to Piero Quadro of Turin on January 2nd 1969. No doubt the sight of a bright green Miura on the streets of Turin in 1969 would have swept passers-by from their feet compared to the norm of Fiat 500s. The car would pass through a number of owners the following year, Angel Giuliano keeping the car for two months, Arduino Messina for three months before purchase by Vincenza Ventimiglia of Ancona. He would keep the car for two years for its first time outside the city. In 1973 the car would return to Turin for 7 months in the custody of Sebastiana Sipali before purchase by the Goitani family in 1974. The last records suggest the car moved within in the family from Gianfranco to Ornella in September 1974. In the late 1990s the car was in the care of a Swiss collector ahead of purchase in 2001, by a prominent superstar industrial designer, described as the most influential of his generation and one with a fond eye for the finest automotive designs ever produced. The Miura would join a small collection of the highlights of automotive design and reside with him between both Paris and London. Over the course of nearly 10 years, he would instigate comprehensive works to be carried out by GTC Engineering of Buckinghamshire. The gearbox was rebuilt, the engine received a comprehensive overhaul, the suspension was also stripped down and rebuilt. The owner would set about locating a number of rare original parts to ensure the accuracy of the restoration including original Stainless Steel door sills with the Bertone logo, original battery cover and wooden gear knob. After the engine work was completed the car was refinished in its original Verde Miura hue. The blue leather interior remains in fantastic condition and works superbly with the Verde Miura coachwork. Most recently this car has been used sparingly by its current owner in Jersey and presents today in show condition with an extensive history file including the Lamborghini Certificate of Origin.»

Steht aktuell (August 2023) bei Girardo & Co. zum Verkauf:

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