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Lamborghini Miura P400 – #3640

Der Königliche

222) Chassis-Nummer: 3640

Motoren-Nummer: 2145

Auslieferungsdatum: 16.07.1968

Auslieferung an: Garage des Nations (Genf)

Original-Farbe: Verde Miura

Interieur: skay nero

erster Besitzer: Faisal Duaig al-Sabah (Kuwait)

weitere Besitzer: der Bruder des ersten Besitzers (1976); England (1989/90, Kennzeichen KRX297H); Roki Sotra (1991); Frankreich (1994, Kennzeichen 4959MQ33); Tom Alexander (2005, England); stand 2012 zum Verkauf bei Cheshire Classic Cars, 400’000 Pfund; Deutschland (2016, Kennzeichen BADL68H, später MTK-Q668H)

Auktionen: Coys, London 1991, verkauft an Roki Sotra für 75’000 Pfund; Coys, 1994, nach Frankreich verkauft für 52’000 Pfund; Bonham’s, Goodwood 2009, verkauft für 209’000 Pfund; RM Sotheby’s, London 2014, verkauft für 649’000 Pfund, mit folgender Beschreibung: «This Miura P400, chassis number 3640, was completed on 16 July 1968 and originally finished in Verde Miura over Nero. It was delivered new through the Grand Garage des Nations, of Switzerland, and its first owner was Sheikh Ahmed S.S. Al Sabah, a member of the royal family of Kuwait. The Sheikh used his Miura sparingly, as he covered just 11,000 kilometres between 1968 and November 1981, when it was flown to the Lamborghini factory for a comprehensive service and check-up. It was flown back to Kuwait in 1982, and it remained in the ownership of the Sheikh until 1989, by which time mileage was 19,100 kilometres. The car’s second owner had it flown to Heathrow, where it was picked up by representatives of Portman Lamborghini, and it is reported to have been fully serviced at a cost of over £5,000. At this time, it remained incredibly original, authentic, and complete, and it was registered in London as KRX 297 H, until its sale to the third owner in France in early 1994. In 2005, the car was purchased by its fourth and present owner, who commissioned its full restoration in its original colours by Cheshire Classic Cars. At its completion, it was reported to be one of the most original fully restored Miuras known to survive, as it still featured 95 per cent of its original factory parts. Unsurprisingly, such an excellent car was honoured with appearances at both the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Goodwood Revival; in the latter, it was awarded a third prize in the Most Beautiful Car in the World competition, as voted by the public. It appeared on the cover of the 100th issue of Octane magazine and was also the subject of an 11-page feature article and full photo shoot within. Today, chassis number 3640 remains in excellent condition and freshly finished in every respect. It is one of few early Miuras to have been continually kept in such excellent, authentic condition and with such low original mileage, which was showing just under 28,000 kilometres at the time of cataloguing. Not many have enjoyed such a fascinating original ownership, and it is one of even fewer Miuras to have been painted this incredibly desirable and iconic colour. In sum, this is one of the finest early Miuras known to survive, and it will be an iconic “must-have” addition to any collection of supercars.»

Besonderes: wurde 1981 im Werk restauriert, weiss lackiert

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