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Lamborghini Miura P400S – 3982

Volle Dröhnung

346) Chassis-Nummer: 3982

Motoren-Nummer: 2898

Auslieferungsdatum: 12.03.1969

Auslieferung an: Gerini

Original-Farbe: Giallo Flay

Interieur: nero beige

erster Besitzer: –

weitere Besitzer: verkauft über British Motor Car Distributors (2002/2003, San Francisco) an einen Sammler in Missouri; Peter Kaivon Saleh (2005); Restauration bei Dew Motor Works (2006-2010, gelb lackiert)

Auktion: Gooding & Co., Scottsdale 2013, verkauft für 577’506 Dollar; RM Sotheby’s, Monterey 2014, verkauft für 1’265’000 Dollar, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «According to the International Lamborghini Registry, Miura S chassis number 3982 was the 346th Miura built, and it was completed on March 12, 1969. The factory chassis list, published in Joe Sackey’s The Lamborghini Miura Bible, confirms that the present engine, number 2898, is the original to this chassis. The car was originally finished in Giallo Fly with a beige and black interior, and it was sent to Milanese dealer Gerini Maiocchi to be sold to its original owner. Well-regarded marque specialists at DEW Motorcars in Sterling, Virginia, were entrusted to restore the Miura S to original condition. The car was subtly upgraded throughout to incorporate the best changes developed for Miuras over the years. The desirable split-sump lubrication system used on some later SVs was installed, along with a rear suspension built to a competition design, which was developed by the legendary Lamborghini test driver Bob Wallace. New original stock front and rear springs were sought out and installed, along with an electronic ignition, a Kevlar clutch, tuned Weber carburetors, cam oilers, an aluminum fuel tank, and a recored radiator. Most importantly of all, the original engine was reportedly fully rebuilt, detailed, and blueprinted, with thorough dynamometer testing and tuning, ensuring that it would perform beautifully. In all, this Miura involved four years of painstaking work to bring it to completion, with the restoration fully documented in photographs and receipts.The current owner recently took an RM specialist on a test drive along Mulholland Drive in the early morning hours of a Friday. The car performed beautifully at high speeds, with a thrilling exhaust note, and it felt tight and well controlled. It was, as the specialist recalls, “an exciting way to wake up in the morning—much better than a cup of coffee.” It is being offered today with two sets of rear wheels, one of which is the SV-styled set currently mounted and the other is the correct S-style wheel set. Today, chassis 3982 displays around 30,000 miles, and it has been proudly owned by enthusiasts who enjoy driving their cars, thus making it ideal for the Miura connoisseur who prefers to enjoy his or her car as Ferruccio Lamborghini intended. The owner has supplied RM Auctions with a large number of invoices from DEW Motors when the car was in previous ownership, as well as receipts for a recent extensive servicing by renowned West Coast specialist Gary Bobileff, which took place under the current owner’s own care. For road going thrills, one cannot beat a properly set-up Miura.» Da gibt es aber auch noch einen interessanten Zusatz: «Please note the history of this Lamborghini Miura is unrelated to the car owned by Dr. Saleh in Iran. In fact, the careers of Dr. Saleh and his father were printed inaccurately as well. On a different note however, this car has recently been fully inspected by Gary Bobileff and his positive written report is on file in our auction office.» Photos: ©Darin Schnabel 

Besonderes: –

Was ganz offensichtlich ist: Gelb ist er definitiv nicht. Und da sind auch einige andere Sachen an diesem Wagen, die etwas ungewöhnlich sind. Der P400S wurde im Rahmen dieser «Erneuerung» auf die «doppelte» Trockensumpfschmierung des SV umgebaut, auch soll er eine neue Hinterachse erhalten haben, die der legendäre Lamborghini-Testfahrer Bob Wallace für den sagenumwobenen SVJ konstruiert hatte. Es gibt eine elektronische Zündung, eine Kevlar-Kupplung und auch sonst so einiges, was es bei den Miura nie gab. Das macht 3982 zwar sicher alltagstauglicher, aber. Und dann ist da noch die Sache mit Dr. Saleh.

Die Geschichte des faszinierenden Fahrzeugs: hier. Alle anderen Lamborghini Miura P400S: hier.

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