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Lamborghini Miura P400S – #4827

Die Farbe?

599) Chassis-Nummer: 4827

Motoren-Nummer: 30604

Auslieferungsdatum: 12.01.1971

Auslieferung an: Socaria (Belgien)

Original-Farbe: Bronzo

Interieur: nero

erster Besitzer: (Belgien)

weitere Besitzer: in Frankreich zum Verkauf angeboten (2002, 24’611 Kilometer, 100’000 Euro); in Italien zum Verkauf angeboten (2004); stand bei GTC zum Verkauf (2016); Schweiz (2017, befindet sich seither in Restauration)

Auktion: RM Sotheby’s, Villa Erba 2015, verkauft für 1’019’200 Euro, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «The Miura presented here, bearing chassis number 4827, was one of the last fifteen examples of its kind produced, with a factory completion date of 28 December 1970. This is one of the final examples of its kind, as it has benefitted from numerous upgrades that were incorporated into the P400 S production run, such as a reinforced chassis and ventilated disc brakes, which replaced the solid disc brakes, as they had a tendency to fade under spirited driving. Following its completion, it was delivered to its first Belgium owner, through dealer Socaria, on 11 January 1971. In 1980, it was purchased by another enthusiast in Belgium, who retained the car for the following 22 years. At that time, the car was offered for sale in France, where it was finished in its current colour combination of yellow over black and was showing just 24,611 kilometres on its odometer from new. When the car was purchased by an Italian enthusiast in 2004, it was well-preserved and had been rarely used. Its current owner purchased the car through RM Sotheby’s in 2012, and under his custody, it has been maintained in exemplary condition. During his ownership, it received another coat of yellow paint and its original Nero leather interior had been refreshed. At the time of refreshing, all the body panel numbers were confirmed as matching and original to chassis 4827. Mechanically, the carburettors, brakes, and suspension have all been refurbished to ensure that they are functioning properly. Additionally, the car comes with its very rare original Miura S owner’s manual. Within the history of sports cars, it can be argued that there are few vehicles more significant than the Lamborghini Miura. The Miura set the industry standard for years to come for both performance and design, and it single-handedly started the supercar industry, which it continues to reign over today as the king of all performance cars. Equally impressive is the fact that throughout its seven-year lifespan, Lamborghini was able to constantly improve the car over time so that it would remain competitive in the marketplace. The Miura offered here is a wonderful example of a late-production P400 S that has benefitted from several key updates over the first examples to leave the factory. As such, this would be a wonderful acquisition for the collector looking to enjoy their Miura at speed, just as Ferruccio Lamborghini would have intended.»

Besonderes: –

Die Geschichte des faszinierenden Fahrzeugs: hier.  Alle anderen P400S mit belüfteten Scheibenbremsen: hier.

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  1. I‘m the new owner of the 4827. At the moment, the car and engine are completly disembled. The condition was absolutly bad. The chassis is full of rust and an old accident on the right side. The cranckshaft had a lot gap, used and perhaps bad or less oil. I think in one year, the will be new born and sure one of best existing car. S Serie zwo, the 15-the last, 75% of the SV type. I‘m looking forward for the roll out. Adrian

  2. Adrian-Richard Michel Adrian-Richard Michel

    Once again me….
    The question of the Color… the car was delievred in white from bertone to lamborghini. The Customer changed, and the car changed in bronze. When we picted up the color of the car, we didn’t find bronze, only White and yellow.

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