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Lamborghini Miura P400S – #4245

So etwas wie ein Scheunenfund

416) Chassis-Nummer: 4245.

Motoren-Nummer: 30419

Auslieferungsdatum: 17.09.1969

Farbe: Giallo Fly

Interieur: Skay bleu

Auslieferung an: Hahne (Deutschland)

erster Besitzer: Walter Becker (Nürnberg)

weitere Besitzer: Hans-Peter Weber (1974, Kennzeichen FR-AY 604)

Auktionen: wurde von RM Sotheby’s im Oktober 2019 in London versteigert, offered without reserve, verkauft für 1’248’125 Pfund, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «Despite being completed by Lamborghini in September 1969, chassis number 4245 wasn’t acquired by its first owner, Walter Becker of Nürnberg, Germany, until 1971. Sporting Giallo Flay paintwork over a Skay Bleu interior, this Miura was designed for an eccentric personality, which Becker certainly was. The owner of an advertising agency, Becker had a reputation for being a playboy. He owned the Lamborghini until 1974, when it was purchased by its second owner, from whose family it is being offered today. Hans Peter Weber of Freiburg was no stranger to fast cars. He previously owned a couple of Porsche 911s and often took them racing with his brother, Karl Gerhard Weber, in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Purchasing the Miura directly from Mr Becker, Karl remembers collecting the car from Becker, who was wearing a silk bathrobe, and that Becker had quite a sizable collection of cars. As one would expect with such a spectacular car, the Miura was Hans Weber’s pride and joy and used only on special occasion. When asked about the car and his uncle, Hans Weber’s great-nephew recalled that ‘Whenever my uncle Hans-Peter arrived with his Miura, we could hear him minutes before, as the sound of the engine was traveling fast…I remember my uncle’s female co-drivers. They always had to wear a bright yellow top and blue jeans to match the colors of the car!’ Another vivid memory was of one occasion where the Miura went to visit Karl Weber’s wife’s family in Cremona, Italy. The family was thrilled with the car, and Karl commented that ‘We took the car for a jaunt with literally every member of the family, including my eighty-year-old grandfather.’ The Miura S would go on to be Hans Weber’s most cherished possession for just over four decades, until his passing in 2015. Driven and enjoyed up until his death, the car was picked up by his brother Karl and put into his barn, where it was placed in storage. The Miura has remained in storage and would require further servicing should its next owner seek to enjoy it on the open road. Having been regularly maintained during Hans Weber’s ownership yet never fully restored, chassis 4245 remains in spectacular condition throughout. The car retains its original engine and still sports its original Giallo Flay paintwork. The original Skay Bleu interior presents beautifully, showing the attractive patina of 40 years of careful use. The only two deviations from original are the addition of front indicators and Schroth four-point seat belts. Importantly, a number of original documents accompany the car, such as the original 1971 German registration (Pappdeckelbrief), the original license plates from Mr Becker and Mr Weber’s ownerships, the original service book, as well as documents from Hans Peter Weber’s ownership, including correspondence with the Lamborghini factory.»

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