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Lamborghini Miura P400 – #3510

Eher nicht…

195) Chassis-Nummer: 3510.

Motoren-Nummer: 1962 (unterdessen: 30608)

Auslieferungsdatum: 15.05.1968

Farbe: Bianco

Interieur: Skay Nero

erster Besitzer: Formenti? – oder: Domenica Bianchi (21.05.1968, Busto Arsizio, bezahlte 7’700’000 Lire, Kennzeichen VA224118)

weitere Besitzer: Attilia Macchi (29.05.1970, Gallarate, bezahlte 1’000’000 Lire); Filatura Pettinata Guglielmo Moggio (13.01.1973, Cerrione, bezahlte 1’500’000 Lire, Kennzeichen VC240925); Lorenzo Michetti (13.01.1975, Treviolo, bezahlte 600’000 Lire); Franca Frigeri (20.06.1977, Varese, bezahlte 600’000 Lire, Kennzeichen VA524998); Peter Wrigley (07.1979, England); Peter Carrington (1999, England, diverse Umbauten…, Kennzeichen SKR291G); Phil Stubbs (2004, England)

Auktion: Cheffins, Duxford 2003, Schätzpreis 100’000 bis 110’000 Pfund, nicht verkauft; Bonham’s, Goodwood 2014, mit folgendem Text: «Left-hand drive chassis number ‚3510‘ was supplied new to a lady in Italy, who sold it to Mr Peter Wrigley in July 1979. Mr Wrigley’s letter outlining the Miura’s history with him is in the file. He states that the car had been back to the factory in 1975 to be partially upgraded to SV specification. It has been fitted with an SV engine (number ‚30608‘) and has the later SV-type bodywork. Mr Wrigley kept the car for 20 years and had commenced its restoration before selling it, unfinished, in December 1999. The buyer was Alan Carrington, whose company then undertook a complete ‚last nut and bolt‘ rebuild over the next two years (see summary of work on file). The Lamborghini was then sold to dealer Phil Stubbs, from whom it was purchased by the current vendor in 2004. The vendor had the car re-sprayed in Lamborghini Black metallic and sent it to Lamborghini specialist Carrera Sport (Mike Pullen) for any work that needed doing, which included a full engine and transmission strip and rebuild (bill on file). In 2005 the vendor commissioned the Jota headlamp conversion from glassfibre specialists PPC Marine Fabrications Ltd, which was made without altering the body in any way (description on file). The original headlamps are with the car and in good condition, including the glass. Four new wider wheels were made and fitted with the original tyres (the original wheels, in good condition, are with the car). Although the bodywork renovation is ten years old, there are no signs of corrosion, while the dashboard is in very good condition as is the rest of the interior. The vendor advises us that he has no reason to doubt the veracity of the 53,641 kilometres (approximately 33,300 miles) recorded. The engine has recently been fitted with new plugs and caps, and the ignition timing and carburettors adjusted. A compression test found all cylinders above 200psi (bill on file). Boasting a unique specification, this beautiful Miura comes with V5C registration document and a substantial file of history.» Verkauft für 427’100 Pfund.

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  1. Alleine schon diese tollen Felgen. Einfach ein traumhaft schönes Fahrzeug…

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