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Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 – #9113600074

Einer der Frühen

Chassis-Nummer: #9113600074 (bezeichnet als «Touring»): *.

Motor-Nr.: 6630086, Getriebe-Nr: 7830072.

Produktionsdatum: November 1972.

Originalfarbe*: 2225 Grand-Prix-Weiss/Rot

Innenausstattung*: Code 12, Kunstleder Schwarz mit Mittelstreifen Perloncord

Zusätzliche Ausstattungen: 409 Sportsitze links/rechts (250.00); 432 Zusatz-Fernscheinwerfer weiss, H3, oberhalb der Stossstange (190.00); 440 Antenne links mit Lautsprechern vorn (190.00); 549 Dreipunkt-Sicherheitsgurt (135.00)

Erstauslieferung: 113 Schultz Lintorf, Deutschland

Erstbesitzer: –

Weitere Besitzer: –

Auktion: Artcurial, The W Collection, Schätzpreis 350’000 bis 550’000 Euro, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «This car is amazing in many ways: it is one of the first Porsche 2.7 RS built, it is close to its original condition and has spent most of its life in Sweden, where it was imported in 1975 after being sold new at Ratingen, in Germany, through the Porsche garage Jacob Fleischhauer, in Cologne. It was finished in ‘Grand Prix’ white with red wheels and seats finished in leatherette and Perlon velour (interior code 12); it had the options of sports seats (code 409), H3 long-range driving lamps (code 432), loudspeakers and an aerial (code 440), and three-point seat belts (code 549). It remains in this specification today. It comes with its original wallet containing the owner’s manual and service book, with several stamps up to 1977, as well as the reference card for the keys. The car’s life in Sweden and its different owners can be retraced from a file of invoices. It may be noted that its third owner was Lars Widenborg, a well-known race car preparer and restorer, and that our local correspondent, Niklas Hannah, can remember seeing the car on the streets of Stockholm in 1977/1978. It is likely that Widenborg competed in historic races with the car in the 1980s. The documentation with the car allows us to establish that in 1999 the odometer was reading 38,000km and that in 2005 it had reached 47,700km. All these factors make this Porsche Carrera 2.7 RS exceptional and naturally attracted Staffan Wittmark to the car when he came across it at the Porsche garage in Haninge. Aware of the car’s history, he bought it and spent a considerable amount to keep the car running, as can be seen from a set of invoices for more than 20,000 €. It was, moreover, one of his first classic cars: it gave him a taste for cars close to their original specification and from then onwards he entrusted the maintenance of his cars to the Porsche garage at Haninge. Today, this Porsche Carrera 2.7 RS appears unusually authentic, with its slightly faded paint, long-range driving lamps, original red Fuchs wheels and its tool kit in the front compartment. The driver’s door strike plate is in need of adjustment, but the interior fittings are largely original, as are the door cards and dashboard. The seats appear to have been retrimmed, as has the steering wheel rim».

*Angaben gemäss dem Standardwerk «Carrera RS».

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