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Lamborghini Miura P400 – #3435

Jackie Stewart: nein.

161) Chassis-Nummer: 3435

Motoren-Nummer: 1827

Auslieferungsdatum: 28.03.1968

Auslieferung an: Autoelite

Original-Farbe: Bianco

Interieur: nero

erster Besitzer: –

weitere Besitzer: befand sich 2007 in den USA, Kennzeichen EBC3636 (gelb)

Auktionen: Christie’s, Beaulieu 1997, Schätzpreis 50’000 bis 55’000 Pfund, verkauft für 58’700 Pfund. Beschrieben als Registration No. Q464 DPG, Chassis No. P400XN1613435, Engine No. 1827, Red with black leather and cloth interior: «This Miura was delivered in March 1968 to a dealer in Milan, when it was finished in white/black. Its subsequent history largely remains to be discovered, although it is believed to have raced in the USA, driven by the great Formula One personality Jackie Stewart. It is understood the signature on the car’s steering wheel is his. Documents indicate that in 1994, £11,397 was spent with a specialist in England on an engine top overhaul and other work which involved removing the engine and transmission. There was also attention to carburettors, distributors, brakes, suspension and steering. Today, the car is as inspiring to drive as when new; the engine pulls sweetly and the exhaust blasts its reminder to other road users that here is a true supercar on the move. The bodywork has a few blemishes of age but the point of the Miura is to drive it – that the sensuous curves still attract admirers is but a bonus. The oil pressure is healthy, the electric fans control the water temperature effectively in traffic conditions and the brakes are reassuring – a new owner will probably fit new tyres shortly whilst a new battery was fitted a few weeks ago; indeed, the Miura has an MoT until July 1998. Without doubt a stunning car and so rewarding to drive.»; Bonham’s, Monte Carlo 2003, verkauft für 83’900 Euro: «Factory records show this car was sold on 28th March 1968 via Italian dealer Autoelite- it was the 161st Miura built. Some years later the car was imported to the UK, being acquired there at auction by the current owner in 1997. At the time the catalogue referred to Jackie Stewart having raced the car but a call to him confirms this to be incorrect- a facsimile of Stewart’s signature does however appear on the steering wheel. Further reference was made at the time to expenditure of GBP11,397 on mechanical work in 1994 to include a top end overhaul and other items. Upon purchase the current Italian owner, a Monegasque resident primarily a collector of fine art, determined that his newly acquired Lamborghini should be ready for enjoyment whenever the mood took him. The car was despatched to Italy where Milan concessionaire Touring Auto performed a mechanical restoration costing _36,707, plus a further _8,166 for detail finishing. Coachwork was entrusted to B Roadster of Voghera, to include a bare metal repaint in Rosso Corsa and retrim in black leather at a cost of some _18,000. Following this work the car was submitted for inspection by the Monegasque authorities and issued with a Monaco road registration on 6/9/2002.»; Poulain, Paris 2004, Schätzpreis 90’000 bis 110’000 Euro, nicht verkauft.

RM Sotheby’s, Monterey 2022, noch kein Schätzpreis. Angeboten mit folgendem Text: «Chassis number 3435 is one of these early examples, being the 161st of its type to leave the Sant’Agata factory. Originally finished in the striking combination of Bianco over Nero faux leather and cloth, the left-hand-drive, home-market Miura was delivered to Milanese concessionaire Autoelite on 28 March 1968. Little is known of the car’s early life in Italy, and it subsequently dropped off the radar until September 1994, when the then-red machine was road-registered in the United Kingdom wearing temporary “Q” registration plates. The car remained in the UK for three years before being sold at auction in Beaulieu in 1997, where it was purchased by an enthusiast based in Monaco, who immediately commissioned restoration work in his native Italy. B. Roadster of Voghera was entrusted with repairing, preparing, and painting the Miura’s bodywork, issuing an invoice in December 1997 for 24,930,000 Lire. Overhaul of the mechanical components followed, with Touring Auto in Milan carrying out various works detailed in an invoice for €28,781.65 issued in July 2001. Whether during these works or at another point in its life, the Miura appears to have been fitted with a replacement engine.
Following restoration in Italy, the Miura was registered for road use in Monaco in September 2002, shortly before being sold in the Principality at an auction in May of the following year. After spending a short time in France, chassis 3435 was again sold, this time to the United States. Documents on file note transfer of the car from Michel Pignard Automobiles in Ecully, France to a US-based collector via Autosport Designs, Inc. in New York. Shipping receipts note that the Miura was flown from London Heathrow to New York’s JFK airport on 9 December 2004, while subsequent invoices for work carried out by the same dealership between October 2006 and June 2007—including an interior retrim, body repairs, and a bare-metal repaint—amount to more than $50,000. During its time in this owner’s care, chassis 3435 made an appearance at the 2007 Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance, where—now attractively finished in yellow—the car placed 1st in the Closed Sports Car class. In March 2008, following four years of ownership, chassis 3435 was sold back to Autosport Designs, Inc., which in turn sold the car to its next owner in New York one month later, taking in exchange a Ferrari 512 BBi Berlinetta Boxer. The next keeper commissioned more than $20,000 of repairs and fettling by the dealer between 2008 and November 2009, after which the Lamborghini was sold on consignment to a New York-based car dealer. After spending nearly a decade in the United States, chassis 3435 later returned to the United Kingdom, where it was road-registered by the consignor and issued a period registration in December 2013. Since then, the supercar has seen little use, with MoT records suggesting that fewer than 100 miles have been covered since the Lamborghini was imported. As a result, please note that some light servicing will be prudent before this Miura returns to the road.»

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