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Lamborghini Miura P400 – #3300

Hin und her

89) Chassis-Nummer: 3300

Motoren-Nummer: 1609

Auslieferungsdatum: 28.12.1967

Auslieferung an: Moscini

Original-Farbe: Rosso

Interieur: nero

erster Besitzer: –

weitere Besitzer: im folgenden Verkaufstext von www.girado.com, wo #3300 im Jahr 2017 zum Verkauf stand, sind quasi alle bekannten Informationen enthalten: «The purest of all Miura design is the earliest, the P400, of which only 275 were built. The car we are offering here is one such car, being completed on 28th December 1967 and delivered new to concessionaire Moscini in Italy.

As can be seen from copies of the original Lamborghini and Bertone registers from 1967, this Miura was delivered new in Rosso with a Nero interior. Interestingly, this car was delivered new to Italian Concessionaire, Moscini, although in these registers, ‘USA’ is noted. It is understood that this car was delivered new to the USA through Moscini.

Contained within the cars history file is a copy of the 1981 USA title, at which point it was registered to Andrea Geralt, a resident in Birmingham, Michigan who retained ownership until February 1990 when it was bought by Michael Faraut. A resident in Marseille, France, Faraut returned the Miura to Europe, with the cars history file containing a copy of the transportation invoice from New York to Europe aboard the Theresa Del Mar. In 1992, Faraut commissioned a full restoration by Lamborghini specialists, Ciclet Automobiles in Bagneux, France. Copies of the invoices for this restoration are contained within the cars accompanying history file with the total costs in excess of 240,000 French Francs and the mileage at this time noted as 35,235 kms.

Faraut maintained ownership until 1996 when he sold the car to Domenico Zappacosta, a resident in Nereto, Italy who registered the car with Italian license ‘ZA805GY’. In June 1996, Zappacosta returned 3300 to its birthplace, the Lamborghini factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese where it was serviced with the invoice totalling over 15,000,000 Italian Lire. Then, in December 1997, this car again returned to Sant’Agata for another service with Lamborghini also replacing the clutch and fuel filter, whilst also cleaning the carburettors, this time the invoice totalled 3,696,192 Italian Lire, clearly Zappacosta was keen to maintain this car in the best way possible.

In 2004, Zappacosta allowed for his Miura to be featured in Classic Cars magazine, where it also appeared on the cover. Rory James Wordsworth-Sweet was the next owner, in July 2005, arranging for the car to undergo a mechanical inspection in May 2008. Later the same year 3300 was displayed by request at the Goodwood Festival of Speed Concours d’Elegance before again being featured in Classic Cars magazine, again appearing on the cover.

3300 was next sold to Mr Rory James Wordsworth-Sweet, Malmesbury, UK, in July 2005. Wordsworth-Sweet registered the car in the UK with license number ’PWP 220E’ having passed it UK MOT on 17th August 2005. In March 2009, 3300 was sold to Mr Taalib Shaah of Esher, UK, who is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable collector. Taalib quickly sent the car to Lamborghini Service Wycombe with the mileage noted as 42,172 kms at the time. In 2011, this car was purchased by its current, German-based custodian, who added the car to his growing collection.

Later, in May 2013, this car was sent to Cuntz Autotechnik in Nurnburg, Germany. The engine was removed, fully disassembled, inspected and rebuilt with many new components being fitted. With the engine being disassembled, the owner chose to also replace a large number of the internal components for the gearbox too, ensuring the engine and gearbox unit were rebuilt to the best possible standard. The invoice for this work totalled over €109,000 with the mileage at the time noted as 42,601. Today, the car is displaying 42,900 miles, only 300 miles since a complete engine rebuild!

After 100 kms, the car returned to Cuntz Autotechnik in June 2013 where it was checked over, with the clutch master cylinder also being replaced. Several new water pipes and fittings were also fitted along with various ancillary seals etc. The invoice for these works totalled over €14,000.

Having covered only 300 miles since a full engine and gearbox rebuild, and being presented in its original colour combination, this Miura offers the next owner a special opportunity to hit the road in the original supercar!»

Auktionen: Bonham’s, Monaco 2010, Schätzpreis 350’000 bis 400’000 Euro, nicht verkauft (Kennzeichen PWP 220E)

Besonderes: Es gibt zu diesem Fahrzeug noch folgende Geschichte: Ein gewisser Herr Locatelli (Besitzer oder sein Anwalt) brachte den Miura mit der Produktionsnummer 30) #3036 wohl nach einem Unfall zurück ins Werk. Aus welchen Gründen auch immer, erhielt er einen neuen Miura, wahrscheinlich 89) #3300. Der aber zum grössten Teil auf #3036 umgestempelt wurde, damit keine zusätzlichen Steuern bezahlt werden mussten. Aus den Überresten von #3036 wurde dann wahrscheinlich #3300 noch ein zweites Mal gebaut. Es heisst, dass sich an diversen Stellen von #3036 noch die Produktionsnnummer 89 befindet.

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