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Lamborghini Miura P400 – #3066


41) Chassis-Nummer: 3066

Motoren-Nummer: 1205 (heute wohl 2583 aus 309) 3793)

Auslieferungsdatum: 19.07.1967

Auslieferung an: Bob Estes

Original-Farbe: Verde

Interieur: nero

erster Besitzer: Robert Miles Runyan (Kalifornien, Kennzeichen VRD 085)

weitere Besitzer: – /im August 2019 zum Verkauf angeboten bei www.wearecurated.com (mit, leider, dem gleichen Text wie bei RM Sotheby’s (siehe unten)), «sold».

Auktionen: RM Sotheby’s, Monterey 2012, verkauft für 660’000 Dollar. Beschreibung: «Chassis number 3066 is a very special Lamborghini Miura indeed. It was released to the selling dealer on July 19, 1967 and sold to its first owner, thought to be Robert Miles Runyan, a noted California architect. It was delivered in #41 Lime Green with black leather interior, the original factory colors it sports today. The exhaustive, meticulous transformation to SV configuration began with the current owner, believed to be the third owner for this particular car. Work began with the engine, which was fully-upgraded to SV specification. The upgrade was performed by Lamborghini development engineer and test driver Bob Wallace, of Phoenix, Arizona. Recognized as the foremost Miura expert, Wallace not only performed the SV upgrade, he further enhanced the performance and operation of the car with his over 40 years of knowledge gained since developing the original, including a split sump, dry sump, better oiling distribution for improved balance and NVH, proper seals to eliminate premature smoking, and lightened gears for optimum all-around performance. According to its owner, the car is virtually vibration-free throughout the operating range. Receipts are available for inspection. The body, too, was converted to SV specifications by old-world metal craftsman Cass Nawrocki, of Nawrocki Fabricating in Moose Lake, Minnesota. To ensure that the car was painstakingly duplicated, an SV was available in the shop for a side-by-side comparison while the work was being performed. Even the inner structure of the body was replicated to SV configuration. Photo-documentation is available, as are receipts totaling in excess of $100,000 spent on the body fabrication and paint. Interior upgrades include full leather, modern power windows, and an overhead console per SV equipment. Further enhancements include a full SV suspension upgrade, fuel distribution modifications, SV wheels, and hood latches to SV specification. With limited production, Miuras were owned by an extraordinary list of individuals, including the Shah of Iran, Frank Sinatra, and Rod Stewart, who owned at least two. Beyond its extraordinary performance, which in this case has been superbly and professionally upgraded to SV specification, it is a stunning design statement. Perhaps Road & Track said it best in April 1970, when they described the Miura as “an exercise in automotive art.”» www.miuraregister.com will den Wagen untersucht haben, fand keine Chassis-Nummer, aber dafür eine Motoren-Nummer: 2583. Und schreibt, dass dieser Motor 2013 zum Verkauf stand. Photos: ©Patrick Ernzen.

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