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Lamborghini Miura P400SV – #4972

Der Rockstar

671) Chassis-Nummer: 4972

Motoren-Nummer: 30656

Auslieferungsdatum: 13.12.1971

Auslieferung an: Antonio Perretti (Mailand)

Original-Farbe: Rosso Corsa

Interieur: senape

erster Besitzer: Antonio Perretti (Mailand, besass auch 365) 4050, 564) 4698, 580) 4737)

weitere Besitzer: Peter Oates (80er Jahre, auf Rechtslenker umgebaut, Kennzeichen HWL268N und PCO222); Hew Dundas (1985, Kennzeichen GYY257L); Bill Thomas (1988); George Rombouts-Howitt (1993, Kennzeichen DRY976K); Michael Lee (Hongkong); Jay Kay (2003); Kanada (2018, restauriert, wieder Linkslenker, Kennzeichen D68617)

Besonderes: vielleicht: Sperrdifferential

Auktion: RM Sotheby’s, «Dare to Dream», Schätzpreis 2’750’000 bis 3’500’000 Dollar, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «According to the factory production records recorded in Joe Sackey’s The Lamborghini Miura Bible, chassis number 4972 was completed on 13 December 1971, finished in Rosso Corsa with gold rocker panels and wheels, and tan Naturale leather interior. It was originally sold through dealer Perretta Milano Perri to an Italian owner residing in Germany. Later, in 1974, it was acquired by British enthusiast Peter Oates, who had it converted to right-hand-drive by GrayPaul Motors of Nottingham in the early 1980s. Numerous pieces of correspondence and invoices from Mr. Oates remain in the file today. Shortly after the car’s right-hand-drive conversion, it was sold to the well-known motorsports consultant, Hew R. Dundas, in whose ownership it was registered “HRD 41” and seen at numerous British events. In the early 1990s the car was purchased by a collector in Hong Kong, who commissioned the Modena Group to complete a full restoration. Afterward the car passed to the noted musician and vintage performance car collector, Jay Kay of Jamiroquai, and in his ownership was featured in a 2004 episode of Top Gear. Jay Kay drove the car for the cameras, commenting, “It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing.” Soon thereafter it was acquired from him by the well-known British collector Michael Cotter. In 2015 the car was acquired by another British owner, who had it evaluated by the legendary Lamborghini factory test driver, Valentino Balboni. Afterward the car was shipped back to its homeland and restored anew by the noted Cremonini Carrozzeria, including returning it to its original left-hand-drive configuration. During this work, the Miura was vetted by Lamborghini’s PoloStorico and issued a Certificate of Authenticity, confirming that its exterior color and components conform to the original delivery. Its interior is now finished in blue leather, a divergence from the original tan that provides a particularly attractive and effective contrast to the Rosso bodywork. Importantly, it retains its numbers-matching chassis and engine, as well as the body panels stamped with the original 771».

Ach ja, wurde für sagenhafte 4’9 Millionen Dollar zugeschlagen – Weltrekord (und etwas absurd). Alle anderen P400SV: hier. Und alle, wirklich alle Miura: hier.

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